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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Few More Miniature Horse Pics

Ruya checking out the boundaries of the paddock.

Today is the first full day that the miniature horses spent out in the paddock so I went to get a closer look at our temporary guests. I brought along Ruya -- one of my Anatolian Shepherd Dogs for company. Ruya is just so used to the gentle sweetness of Tessie (my late Arabian mare) who never nipped, so Ruya had no idea that the little Studmuffin would start out sweet as anything, then steathily move on to the offensive with his nips and bites. Ruya quickly got wise to this and kept out of reach.

Mr Studly ...looking studly!

Der Princess

Ruya checking out the two beasties

What are they all munching?

I think the Princess is really quite sweet but shy.

Ruya keeping an eye on them at the corral gate.

Mr and Miss Lawnmower

They seem happy and content. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // May 08, 2007

Great pictures.What fun they must be. Ruya looks totally in charge.   

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