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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What was THAT?!

And you probably heard right. It might have been a couple donkeys yelling in the distance, for all you knew. ;)

It's been three months since my Arabian mare died (January) and at this point in time, James and I have given a little thought about getting another equine or other type of livestock for the paddock area. We just haven't dwelt on it. Recent events have required a lot of flexibility in priorities. James has just had a long delayed knee surgery. It is his first week home now. I've been too busy for email or blogging, let alone thinking of a quadruped lawn mower.

But this is funny. :)
A few weeks ago, James happened to find out about two miniature donkeys that were available. Excited about this, he asked me what I thought.

HA! The first thing that came to mind is that they BRAAAAAAAY and we have too many neighbors nearby who might hit the ceiling if WHEN the pair sounds off in stereo at all hours of the morning or night, which is likely to happen whenever either James or I leave early in the morning or feed them late at night. Or if the beasties are just in the mood to sing!

"No," I said to James. "I don't think so..."

He hadn't thought about the braying at first but then we were just busting up after I reminded him their musical qualities.

Then there's this
Donkey Testifies in Dallas Noise Complaint Trial
! A Donkey testifying in court. --that he doesn't bray ------ in court.

It was sweet that James had been thinking about a critter for the pasture area at all. :)


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