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Saturday, June 30, 2007

AB1634 Supporters take heed

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"

Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

How many supporters of this atrocious bill know what the papers above have anything to do about?

Or the one above?

These are just a few samples of some tests that can be done to determine some of the genetic potential or quality of a dog and for the serious breeder, done on each dog born in a litter -- but they cannot be done until the dog is at least two years old.

Certain temperament, working tests, endocrinology, cardio, eye and other exams are done in different breeds, and the tests are often not considered official until the dog is tested as an adult. The more puppies in a litter that are tested, the more we know about the genes carried by the parents of the bloodline. Ethical breeders take pains to test in order to develop the healthiest of bloodlines through use of pedigree depth.

None of these tests above can be done on an immature dog. Their skeletal and organ systems have not completely developed so any preliminary tests are considered unofficial. Many ailments in dogs do not develop until the dog has started to mature or has gotten older.

Mixed breed dogs and deliberately bred 'designer' mutts are not immune from potential genetic problems although our poorly informed media are among the propagators of urban rumor which encourage the mistaken idea that these dogs are somehow automatically healthier than purebreds.

If you don't test for a problem, you don't know if you have it.

Mutts (including so-called "designer" mutts) carry both dominant and recessive genes that can predispose them to health issues. Furthermore, mutts are uniquely qualified to carry diseases or traits that the purebreds did not have. Some protector alleles that kept a disease from occuring may 'find each other' again and create problems for the new 'creation'. Yes, while different phenotypes become present for appearance recombine to create a 'trendy look', sometimes unpredictable behavior and various genetic diseases are unleashed along these 'new' faddish perks.


Thanks to the new rewrite of the proposed bill, the entire concept of breeding HEALTHY PETS by testing for the best adults, has been completely removed as an option.

Instead of breeding only adult dogs with health clearances as the ones pictured above, the bill as amended June 27, 2007 -- now requires that most dogs be bred while still IMMATURE... during the first year that they have an intact permit.
122336.21. (a) The local jurisdiction or its authorized local animal control agency may allow for issuance of an intact permit, and imposition of an intact permit fee, for one male and one female dog per household in order to allow the dogs to produce a single litter of offspring. In no event shall the intact permits issued for this purpose have a duration in excess of one year.
Intact permits "in no event" shall be issued for a duration in excess of one year.

Wow, this means your six month old medium, large and giant breed puppy needs to be bred on its first heat while it is still immature. Before you can get adult clearances on hips, elbows and whatever else you need to test in your breed. Personally, I don't like the idea of breeding immature animals. The government may well mandate it and the bill supporters such as Lloyd Levine and Judie Mancuso may endorse it, but it should be quite clear to those with common sense, that the bill is NOT about Healthy Pets at all.

The bill is completely protective of the puppy mill industry by granting them the broadest of exemptions first. Then the bill goes on to be amended to preclude would be and experienced ethical breeders from being able to test adult dogs before breeding. Breeders test healthy dogs that have no clinical issues, just so they have a better idea of their dog's qualifications.

People can be stupid

While many do say, "genetics is fascinating and the information it provides can be useful" -- they do not have any degree of working comprehension of how AB1634 will thwart Ethical breeding. Supporters of the bill apparently do not see how removing democratic choice from all other people is deliberately circumventing Healthy Pets.

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