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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Animal Advocates Need to Seek Common Ground

2006 Photo by Dave Koerner
Big sister, Ruya, watches over a half sibling baby brother.

Christie Keith writes "Forget all the rhetoric on both sides, and just keep the goal clear in your mind: Reducing the number of dogs and cats who die in California shelters."
Can the two sides of mandatory spay/neuter find common ground? See the whole article at SFGate.

From the very start of the issues involved with AB 1634, I've felt that if more people had a better feel for the complexity of elements involved with reducing the euthanization of pet animals and finding successful "forever homes" -- we'd have more in the way of cooperative and successful teamwork. So many have been saying, "Education doesn't work" and argue that brute strength of law is the only solution. AND then... THEY go on to illustrate by their own arguments, amazing ignorance in the complexities of the equation. Hello? Education? How about starting with up close and personal.

Education is the key.
Divide and conquer, and punitive legislation are hurtful and counterproductive.

Mind opening newsletters. . .

Seeding ideas for thoughtful consideration... see Nathan Winograd's No Kill Advocate newsletters here. A recent one, for example, had a good bit of info on how to increase successful placement of adoptable pit bulls is Issue #2 2007 (direct link to specific PDF article)

He's got a lot of articles on reforming Animal Control - under Legislation, The Dark Side of Mandatory Laws(PDF)
Which points out HSUS's dichotomy, for example, spreading fear about feral cats. He, in another document, writes (p6) also about how HSUS opposed King County in Wa State when they were adopting a real No-Kill philosophy.

There's a youtube vid featuring Nathan (about half an hour)

Go on a tour of shelters here. Shelter accountability needs to be addressed.

Nathan Winograd is doing a lot to educate and promote working together. Spend some time checking out his site, subscribe to the free e-newsletter, consider becoming a No Kill Advocate member and get the hard copy version of No Kill Sheltering Magazine.

No Kill Advocacy Site


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