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Monday, July 23, 2007

Former CVMA President, John Hamil, DVM writes about AB 1634

Semavi Nipper at left in a 1992 photo.

Many Anatolians and their progeny will NOT qualify for an exemption under AB 1634 as currently suspended until 2008.

The so called "exemptions" are little more than misleading hocus-pocus and bluffery designed to appease the unknowing.

Past President of California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and animal advocate, writes from experience of twenty five years in trying to find solutions to the problems of animal relinquishment and euthanasia. Go here to read the TESTIMONY OF JOHN HAMIL, DVM on seven false premises of AB 1634.

At Sandiegodog blog, a piece by Laura Finco fleshes some some of it out as she writes about a neighbor. Meanwhile, in L.A. stuff like this goes on under General Manager Ed Boks - shown here to be manipulating his shelter statistics while under scrutiny.

Mandatory spay and neuter is a NON-solution to relinquishment, abandonment, lack of responsibility and the issues of unowned strays.

Deliberately choosing to ignore the above complex problems and lack of accountability in most animal shelters, while shifting "the blame" flaunts ignorance, denial in perception and problem solving ability.

Well, humans are fickle.

Humans and long term relationships will always have dynamics. Consider marriage, 50% of which are said to end in divorce - The remaining 50% cannot even be considered uniformly successful. Who knows how many 'stick together' despite abusive or other malignant activity? Relationship failures are complex.

Why should it be no surprise that not every pet which starts out with a home has a permanent one.

Pets being relinquished or left to run free are not caused by an "over population" problem but something more far more complex.

Homelessness, World Hunger?
- - Is it People Overpopulation?

Lessee... using the same simplistic logic of "STOP THE FLOW!" endorsed by Judie Mancuso, Lloyd Levine, and others for AB 1634-
  • Homelessness, world hunger, pollution, crime, wars, disease and even "pet overpopulation" can all be solved by stopping the source of all these problems.
  • Stop HUMAN reproduction.
Using the same principles of logic, every two year old, pre-adolescent child in California must be castrated. I'd hate to see these geniuses try to work out who gets "exemptions".

My whole point is that "stop the flow" does NOT address the problems. Profiling a population, even a pet owning one as they do is draconian, ignorant and juvenile.

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception


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