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Monday, July 23, 2007

HSUS Finds Scam Opportunity and Cash Cow in the News on Vick

Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President of Human Society of the United States, wrote in his blog on 20 July, 2007, "The response to our campaign urging the NFL to suspend Vick has been unprecedented. The outpouring of actions through humanesociety.org was larger than we have ever seen, and it shut down portions of our web site for two days."

HSUS does not run a shelter. It often solicits money by using the story of some animal or event somewhere and asks people to send money to help animals like the one in the story, which leads people to believe their donations directly help the animal(s) in the story. The terrible destruction wrought by Katrina provided another such cash cow. Heavy campaigning by HSUS to solicit funds allegedly for animal care was obvious to many but what they actually did with the cash remains mysterious. Many legitimate rescue organizations were scraping by during Katrina and trying to save animals and reunite them with their owners. HSUS had millions to spend yet many of the rescues reported problems regarding HSUS mismanagement of goals and resources. There has been no accounting for the nearly $20 million HSUS raised for the Katrina dogs and cats. HSUS is under investigation by the Louisiana Attorney General for their handling of that situation.

People send HSUS tens of thousands of dollars annually, while ignoring the REAL animal shelters in their own towns. :(

Check out the changes that I have captured from a cache of the original solicitation page and compare it to the current revised one (of tonight) at this page. From the language of the page, they are clearly using the Vick stories to pump up their coffers and are changeable and unclear on what solicited funds will be used for.

Support your legitimate local shelters and/or your breed rescues. :)

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