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Friday, August 31, 2007

Because Mommy Said So!

Pikachu Wallpaper (image source)

I still know next to nothing about Pokemon, but years ago I remember buying a box of Kellogg's Pop Tarts merely because the packaging promised a Pokemon toy surprise inside. Okay, roll your eyes. I'm not a fan of Pop Tarts but for some reason I gave in to the impulse, and I wasn't even sure what Pokemon was anyway. So help me, maybe Pop Tarts were on sale that day too.

The wonderful prize that was in the box was the cutest little yellow 3D plastic pencil topper. Something you slide over the eraser end as a decoration. I quickly learned that the charming, tubby little yellow critter with the black tipped ears was Pikachu. I had often used the same pencil as a hair stick and after adding Pikachu over the eraser end, I was absolutely tickled. I wore that pencil a lot more. I have long hair, so twisting it into a bun and sticking my Pikachu pencil through it made for a instant fashion of questionable taste, but hey, it did the job and kept hair out of the way. If I needed something with which to write, all I had to do was let my hair loose. ha!

Anyway, Kath sent me this link on eBay several days ago which featured a hilarious story about the mysterious appearance of a package of Pokemon cards in a mom's shopping cart. Fun read! If the eBay link expires, see her blog post with links to related interviews or the story originally posted at eBay here. Oh, just go see her blog and subscribe! She is a very talented and funny writer whose children have obviously inspired a lot of creative mayhem. :)

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