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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't be Scammed

Mystery emailJust about everyone with an email address gets spam and just about anyone with an email address who also offers things for sale online is targetted by scammers at some point. Surprise!

Scammer!Money!If you have anything for sale online, be it a boat, a computer, an exotic kitten or an alpaca, sooner or later you'll probably get a somewhat vague message that doesn't specify much about your item but indicates that someone acting as an agent wants to buy your item for a client -- and a cash advance (actually fake money) is being offered and they'd like for you to make change (with your real money) and send that substantial bit of real money to them. Some people with several items for sale get the same message for each item. B)

Of course, absolutely none of us are going to fall for that. :) Of course, of course!

An entertaining site along those lines is BustedupCowgirl's scampage.

As you can see, every once in a while I just need an excuse to play with some clipart.

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