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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doggone it, Pixar is GOOD! BOO on Sony!

Ratatouille Elegance!

Looking forward to this new Rat movie.

I'm not much of a movie watcher but James has been occasionally picking up some cinema titles from Netflix for me. I never go to movies since becoming completely deaf. Not having handy dandy closed captions while at the cinema is a bummer. I miss the pop corn ambience. I understand that where cinema captions are available, deaf folk have problems simultaniously seeing the action in the movie, noting who is speaking -- while correlating the info with a separate caption device provided for deaf viewers - boy IS that even a mouthful. You probably need Marty Feldman eyes to do all that ALL at the same time. It is just more sensible for the time being to wait for shows to be on DVD or VHS format. And lately DVD movies from Netflix are just what Semavi Lady ordered! Convenience, captions (usually) and fun!

Actually, the captions don't always work as they should. On our entertainment center DVD player, sometimes the captions do not resolve, so it's yet another silent movie for me (not to be confused with the comedy called Silent Movie) --but it is rare enough that it is not a huge issue. Also... playing the DVD on the computer sometimes gets different results than our TV/DVD player. At least a couple movies had separate screens for subtitles on the computer, but no caption on the movie itself. While on TV it was all hunky dory. It probably less than 5% of the time (I'm not keeping track). So it's still a good deal, most movies play just fine on the computer.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing Ratatouille and all the older Pixar movies I haven't yet seen. Finding Nemo was one of the last ones I got to see. Hard to pick favorites but if I had to so far, my absolute favorite is Cars! Pixar is wonderful at telling stories and the artwork is in a league all its own.

In order to help plan out which of the oldies to rent, I checked out the Pixar site to discover what all the names of their feature movies are ----- and then I noted that they had this video material below for bloggers and web sites. I can't resist so here you are! There are several movies on the play list button. I just wish they had these things captioned! Nevertheless it's wonderful eye candy and fantastic animated art!

Noted from my about.com news that Sony seems to be in the rootkit business again. :( At least I don't have to worry about inadvertently installing a Sony Rootkit, since I'm never playing music on my machine but the warning mentions games too? ...hrm, what about movie videos?

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