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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Duct Tape Server - You Know You're a Redneck When...

Check out the Duct Tape Server.
From the site, a little about the server's practicality.
Recent Action
Duct Tape Server was on server row at MillionManLan 6, June 21-24th. It hosted a Ventrilo server and a 15 person Armagetron Tournament. Performance was flawless over the four days of continuous operation. Core temperatures hovered around 32 degrees C!
I thought the insulating ability of duct tape would make it difficult to keep that thing from running hot, but that runs cooler than my desktop which has one side of the case removed to help air circulation. (I don't use air conditioning in the house).

QuackA little on the history of duct tape:
From Forbes: Invented in the early 1940s by scientists at Permacell, a division of the Johnson and Johnson Company, duct tape was built to fill the need for a strong, flexible, durable tape that could help the war effort, according to Avon, Ohio-based Henkel Consumer Adhesives, one of the world's largest makers of the stuff. Early versions consisted of medical tape laminated to a cloth backing, covered with polycoat adhesives and a polyethylene coating. It was colored Army green and nicknamed "Duck Tape" because it repelled water.
And similar alternate (amusing!) version.

A little image googling on duct tape and similar permutations is bound to turn up some interesting hits. One of which brought me to interesting photo log of hypnotism (no duct tape on that portion of the log) that occurred at a 2006 QuakeCon (game made by id Software), and a series of pics of a giant Sumatran Corpse Plant (Amorphophallus titanum) which has an interesting and stinky sex life.

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Blogger Unknown sent us a woof // August 09, 2007

Janice - you sure come up with some interesting way to spend time on the internet. Much more fun than working!


Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // August 10, 2007

hahaha! I've seen duct tape dog booties - but I've never seen duct tape computer equipment before! hahaha!   

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