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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PeTA vs Vick - WHO Kills More Animals?

It should go without saying that what Vick did to support dog fighting is wrong. He is not however getting a fair trial where the whole story could become public. That's a concern that borders on other issues such as some of the cover ups that can happen in our judicial system due to plea bargains. We know he denied it all at first and due to strongarming from several sources, each looking out for their own interests, a different series of events took place -- including Vick finding Jesus...

Wayne Pacelle opportunistOpportunists GALORE! I'm really tired of all the focus on this event mainly due the opportunists, HSUS and PeTA being just as horrible for grabbing the event and wringing it out like a CASH COW and using it for PR. Sport figures have gotten into trouble before with all kinds of mayhem including murder and rape of other humans. People are letting HSUS and PeTA take control.

An apt caricature, see Wayne Pacelle with a 6 figure income, wringing out these events to milk the gullible public into thinking they are doing some good with this ongoing 'croc'. HSUS has 200 Millions in assets but does little to nothing to save animals and is now mainly concerning itself with forcing idealist and costly legislation that is turning everyone into criminals.

And to top it off, PETA, which is known for its alliance with terrorist organizations that via arson and bombs, animal releases, threats and other chaos, creates major setbacks in genetics, cancer research and other necessary medical advances is asking Vick to donate to THEIR cause with time or money to show he is a 'changed man'. Frankly, finding Jesus is good. Finding PeTA is not! How is it that an organization that is so proVegan, can attack research and yet use research (albeit inconclusive research) to support a vegan lifestyle and abolish any ownership or use of animals? Opportunists galore!

Who's Killed More Animals?

[Picture of Michael Vick under which it says 8]

[Picture of a policeman preparing to bury a puppy killed by PETA
workers...under which it says 14,400]

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) loves to point the finger at others, when they should be looking at their own record of killing more than 90% of the animals left in their care. According to government records PETA has killed more than 14,400 animals since 1998.

Find out more about PETA's hypocrisy at:
PeTA Kills Animals

See the specific Photo Ad above at ConsumerFreedom.com

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