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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anatolian Shepherd Male Available - California

Thor needs a new home.

Thor lived in the country. His original owner in Arizona had a one-to-one relationship with his dog. The owner became seriously ill and has since passed on. During the time of this unfortunate terminal illness, Thor's world was devoted to his owner, and also to the limitations of his owner's closing world. After the owner passed on, Thor needed to be rehomed -- but had become accustomed to isolation from his first home.

A home for him was found in California (Oakland area) after his first owner died. It looked like it would work out, but a problem developed when Thor, used to quiet isolation, seemed to view his new owner's home as an area that should be kept isolated as well. This situation isn't working out now because the place where he lives has renters that need free access to the housing and yard. Since Thor prefers the renters to stay out - this has become a problem.

The ideal home for him now would probably be with a single adult with no children, who has time for a one-to-one relationship with a loyal dog. Thor is currently living in Oakland, California.
Please contact Kathy Gerlach at her email or phone for more information.

Ph: (707)252-8196
email: gerlranch@aol.com

Edit: 1 Oct 2007- Also, you can contact Michael, who is Thor's current owner. cell# - (510) 816-9693

The pictures below show him with some young friends, so you know he is kind and biddable. Due to his 'only dog' background and the social natures of children (who may bring friends to visit), it would be best to have a new home with a single adult - no kids. If you know someone that might fit the bill, tell them about Thor.




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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 30, 2007

I fostered Thor in Arizona and he is a wonderful, big hearted dog who is a pleasure to be around. He's fun loving, loves to travel and is very well mannered.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 01, 2007

Tina, thanks for visiting. So great you were able to help him for a while and developed an understanding of him. I sure hope he gets his forever home soon. He really seems like a great dog. Just a little set in his ways.   

Puppy Boone says: Let's chat!

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