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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrr Me Hearties! Me Flip-Flops Be Killing Me!

Hey, September 19th is/was "Talk Like a Pirate Day". If you need a interpreter on some Pirate lingo, Savage Chickens might be helpful.

My piratey mood has to do with Sims 2 actually. Captain Jack Sparrow, as a Sim can be installed in The Sims 2 game. This picture capture is from my game and is my favorite pirate creation by assorted authors who created his skin, clothing and accessories. I'm not taking credit for him ...nor for any surprises in his uh... skin tone. He's been available in downloads in various styles and quality for years, but this one has been in my game for about three years. Alas, I haven't played the game enough to help him build a ship yet (he's actually more obsessed with looking through telescopes and ...hanging out with his women), so I think he'll have to go commandeer one eventually, lol.

If you have The Sims 2 game and would like to have him, here is the download file for Captain Jack Sparrow. It should be put wherever you like to put your downloads but after downloading, you need to double click the Sims2Pack file that you just downloaded and it will install into your game (likewise, the doggie files below). You do not need expansions to have Captain Jack Sparrow in your Sims 2 game. (Of course, unless you actually have the game, you can't use the download.) You DO need the Pets expansion for any of the dogs below, because the expansion pack gives the pets the programming they need to come to "Sim Life". Jack is fine with the base game.

Now Mateys -- about those flip-flops!

More excitement from China. :( I was going to post this the other day but didn't have time, so I'm also behind posting on pirates, so I've combined the two. And yep, I know, I'm weird.

This was from a while back that Kerry Stiles started a photo log of her flip-flop experiences back in June 2007. She's still trying to find others who have had the same problems as she did. Apparently some slippers were fine but some others were defective.

About.com link verifies the story and (generically) identifies the irritation pictured (it's a bit graphic) as a type of contact dermatitis. While some people may have contact dermatitis with metals, latex or other materials rather consistently based on the specific product -- it appears that according to some of the reports in the original lady's photo log, some folks bought different color variations at the same time of purchase and only certain certain pairs in their purchase caused reactions.

The author for example, had a reaction to a yellow pair, while another person reacted to the blue and not the other colors that were also purchased and worn. This suggests ersatz product components were partly to blame.

Okay... back to Simming!

Above is Captain Jack doing a bit of meditation and he is so good at it, he is levitating off the ground. For some reason, my game chose the red boxers as his exercise outfit. Suits me, matches the bandana. (No he didn't come with his beloved hat!)

Kicking back for things that don't require much serious thought fits the bill as I shed a migraine, I started to start up my Sims game and immediately realized to my dismay, that I could NOT remember my shortcut keys to start the game - and that's pretty bad! Of all the tricks one learns in the game, getting the game running should be a no brainer. I use keyboard shortcuts rather than a cluttered desktop, and its been sooooo long...

Now, here we go... a little more doggie related. Yay! I have the Pets expansion and have had so many cool ideas on what to do with it but due to some interesting times lately, haven't found much time to play. Here are two Anatolian Shepherd Dog Sims that I created on "Talk Like a Pirate Day".

Both are a little different in their Sim genetics. The drop eared one is a female and the one with cropped ears is a Turkish import. (Heehee - the madness of a dog nut!) The male is a little less friendly (more guardy) than the female but he is more playful than she is. I was interested if they would hit it off naturally or if there would be some work required. When they met, he did a play bow and wanted to be friends. Above pic is just before he did the playbow. She is cautiously checking him out and he's getting excited.

A lot of action in the game is autonomous. The pets are no exception. You can't really control them so the human sim that lives with them has to train them.

Even when you make plans for things to happen, flexibility helps! The first Sim 'human' I ever made in the game, within minutes of his creation, went out autonomously to the yard, sat down to gaze at the sky. I was fascinated! But suddenly a satellite shot from the heavens and killed him and the Grim Reaper came. Now I was upset, how did this happen?? I had no idea how to save his life (there are ways to do this) so I paused the game and went through the manual to try to figure it out -- and the thing about the game is that so much can happen, that its often not in the manual. It's like life. Your Sim might be watching TV and suddenly a pipe bursts and the bathroom starts to flood. These Sims creators at EA.com are really an imaginative lot! Anyway, back to pets... if you don't use cheats, the pets will do whatever comes natural to them, including fights and digging up the garden, shredding furniture, digging holes and all of that. Your human Sims can train their pets, but the outcome can be about as variable as it is in real life. :)

In this pic, the plus icons show that the two dogs have just decided that they probably like each other. They may become good friends.

In this pic, the female is responding to the invitation to play. She's leaping up and he's playfully growling at her. She's not a playful dog in her personality, so this is a positive event.

And another view of them playing. They ran across a street and few yards (I haven't built a fence for them yet) and were racing around a bit. :)

I probably will not be breeding these two. To get the 'cropped' ears look in the Sims 2 -- you have to select upright ears and make the ears as small or pointy long (depending on the breed) as possible. So you'd actually be breeding a strain with up ears and a strain with floppy ears. ;)

The game is really not about real doggie genetics but it is about cool programming code and neat graphics. So if they bred, I'd probably get some pups with upright ears. Then again, its just a game. I wonder if keeping only the flop eared pups and breeding them will result in a line with more flop ears only? LOL, I guess I won't know until I have more time for the game. At least with the humans, blonde and redheads are recessive to the brunette and black hair. So the human babies get some predictable traits from their parents.

So I have the crop eared dog above for download and a brindle dog with a curled tail available.

To use the dog files, you need have the base game and the Pets expansion.

Yep, even Sim doggies need to be trained to not be destructive. A playful one trying to demolish a teddy bear.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // September 23, 2007

I have a Jack pirate beard I downloaded from somewhere... it has two little braids hanging down. I like to stick it on random people because I have never had an actual Jack before. But now I will! *evil grin*   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 23, 2007

OH, I want those braids! I will bug you for them later! :)   

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