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Friday, September 07, 2007

It's Not Over Yet, China

I'm not going to blame 'China' for all the recent problems.

I'm sure plenty of people are wondering why Quality Assurance and Quality Control by wealthier consumer countries isn't tighter, or whatever safety assurance it is that could make these suppliers of consumables run a tighter/cleaner ship. Lack of ability to find business if their shabby products didn't come up to specs with the big guys does help.

No, I'm not going to say that they are all equally to blame. A LOT of stuff is rejected at the outset. Sometimes I suspect it's a game. "How long can I cut corners and get away with it" Because some of these businesses seem to be able to disappear without a trace, if the news is to be believed.

From TOKYO (Reuters) - Chinese merchandise took a fresh knock Friday when car maker Nissan said it was recalling tens of thousands of mugs it gave away in Japan because the paint contains excessive lead.

It said it took the action after a hapless car-shopper fell ill after drinking from one of the mugs and complained.

Nissan Motor said the cups, which it was giving to anyone who test-drove one of its cars in Japan during a sales initiative that started on August 16, had a lead content that was more than 30 percent above the permissible level.

Japan's third-biggest carmaker said it would recall the mugs, which it said could have reached as many as 87,000 potential customers. It did not know the identity of the manufacturer in China.

Chinese products have come under intense scrutiny over safety concerns in recent months, prompting recalls of products from toys and toothpaste to seafood and tires.

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