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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids and Turkish Dogs - Turkey!

The handsome young man above with the puppy above is about four years and that awesomely cute puppy is about 2 months old.

I sent a quick hello to Nahit out in Turkey last week. We'd corresponded before a few times and I know some of his dogs also came to the USA. I was having problems connecting to his website during the sporadic attempts I made, so I wrote and got good news. Kangalist.net is still there. He has been busy and his kids are growing up. Time flies! He writes that his two sons and his daughter love the dogs! And he sent me fresh pics of the cute duo above.

This is one of the Kangalist males, Dozer.

This female is young Hama.

The handsome duo again. I just love that sweet expression on the puppy's face. I'm so glad they had time to send me the shots!

Here's a nice female named Dombay. She's one of my favorites at the website. :D
I think I'll need a very very big shopping bag to bring her home!

Some of the pages may be down, but you can see some of the girls at Disiler drop down menu, and the boys on Erkekler.

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