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Friday, September 07, 2007

Seven's Story, by Bilkay

This is Seven!

I had exchanged a few emails with Bilkay Tanner a few months ago. She had sent some photos of her beloved Seven.

Seven is a nine year old Anatolian Shepherd Dog originally from Southern Turkey. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his 3 pound Yorkie brother named Moe. I wanted to share these when the dust settled a bit out more here. Coast isn't clear yet, but now's as good a time as any!

I just love the contrast between Seven and little Moe in the album below. Too cute. :D

Here is Seven's Story as told by Bilkay

Seven was born in South/West Turkey in 1998 with 8 other brothers and sisters. His mother passed away 7 days after his litter was born, so we had to take Seven on the 9th day because the owners couldn't take care of the entire litter. Seven was 9 days old when we took him home and bottle fed him until he was at least a month old. He was only 1 lbs and extremely energetic and cute.

Seven and I lived in Bodrum, Turkey for the next 12 months traveling, hanging out on the beach, walking around town, training, and of course chasing cows when ever he had a chance. When it was time for me to return to Seattle after my 1 year vacation, I realized that bringing Seven home was going to be a larger challenge then I thought it would be. We spent 4 months getting his paperwork ready for travel. Since Anatolians aren't allowed to leave turkey, we had to pay government officials off to forge his papers, This isn't something I'd ever done before, but I would do just about anything for my best friend. I couldn't imagine leaving him to an uncertain future with someone that would never take care of him like I would.

We finally did it on Sept 1999 when he got on a British Airways flight from Istanbul to London all by himself with a caretaker from British Airlines. I flew to London the following day because he had to stay in London for 24 hours before leaving the country as a transient dog. We finally got home to Seattle after 3 days of travel and he stepped out of his large kennel as if he had always lived here. It was very touching and a moment I will always remember.

Today Seven lives in Seattle with my boyfriend, 3 lbs male Yorky named Moe, and me. He has a large yard and goes to daycare 2 times per week. He also goes to Magnusson Dog Park all the time. Who ever meets Seven sees how special he is, he is an exceptional dog with extrodinary qualities. We are the luckiest people on earth to have a dog with such quality in our lives.

Let me know if you want to see other pictures of him, we have thousands :)

He does have his own picture website: Bilkay@groups.msn.com or

and he is also on Photoworks for dogs site that just launched:

- Bilkay


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