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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stress Relief and Free Games

A kitten vs puppy picture that's been circulating. :)
My caption? Dis is wut ve pupsters do to kitties dat stalk waggy tails!
The kitten reserves the right to disagree!

Free Games!

These cool little thingies are called Gadgets and there's so many to choose from. If the formatting doesn't cause problems with Blogger, I'll leave a few inserted here. These are a few from the game selection area of Lab Pixies but there are other interesting gadgets as well.

I like games that are about logic, strategy and memory type things.

While I do like big, involved, beautiful graphics-hungry strategy games, little gadget games like these below are quick, crunchy, potato chips. You can start them in a moment, finish them off quickly or just plain abandon them when another more productive project is ready to roll. :)

This game is almost like Tetris! You want to get at least three in a row of same color, to make rows disappear. This one is addicting. Not exactly a quick distraction. haha :)

You use the left and right arrow keys to make the string of beads go left or go right. You use the UP arrow key to shuffle the order of the beads. Use the DOWN arrow key to kerplunk it right to the bottom.

Memory games are supposed to be good for everyone to help with mental sharpness. Not that clarity of recall rubs off on anything as soon as you're done playing. But above game is small and painless enough for random bursts of concentration, or reckless abandon. You can choose from a variety of picture collections by selecting a new 'theme' at the top. :)

Picture puzzle games are cute. In this game, click on the picture to begin the game. Then you have to find the blank spot and click on a nearby piece to get things moving. If you don't like the picture, you can choose others with the 'new game' option.

I actually like jigsaws better than these sliding type puzzles but I used to love those party favors that had numbers on them that you slide to new positions to make new patterns. Actually I still like them better than these. I don't know why! Maybe the hands on, double thumb strategy is more my thing.

As to Sudoku above, at the time of posting, I haven't actually played this version of the game yet.
When I first saw Sudoku, I wondered how these puzzles were played but wasn't even half curious enough to find out. A year later (already man, yep I'm sloooooooww!), I ran into this site called Sudoku Daily and bam, after seeing the 2x2 puzzle and playing it once, the game totally made sense and I momentarily became interested about the wide variety of online versions of the game. For those who can't be bothered to read pages of tutorial or a manual, the link at Sudoku Daily functions as an instant tutorial "A-HA!". :)

A free (tip-ware) version of Sudoku is at this link. If you like the game, tip the author. :)


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