Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Slowly but surely?

I'm still not anywhere close to be up to speed yet with my new computer system, still missing some parts now, but I had a chance to check Chyril's blog and saw some of her pics from her recent trip to Turkey -- not just chickens this time! See October archives.

Now, isn't that dog at the winery impressive! Here puppy puppy....

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Horsing Around!

A pic of Ruya in our paddock with one of the visiting miniature horses.

I haven't been finding time to blog lately, but that happens!

The California fires were all six hours south of here, and sadly some people I know in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Community have lost their homes. They were evacuated with little more than the shirts on their backs. Good thing no family member lives were lost. In some cases, livestock still needs to be accounted for and their housing and care structures rebuilt. The devastation is just difficult to comprehend even for those affected. Insurance issues are going to be a nightmare. :(

On top of other projects that have abducted me, I'm in the middle of building a new computer and the main issue of the moment is finding just the right video card. This has interfered with with productive use of my computer but hopefully this issue will be resolved within the next week. B)

Anyway, some Halloween fun-
Check out the costumes here
Washington Post slideshow - Dig the Batmobile on number 14!

And speaking of hayburners, check out this poodle! (a very tolerant one given the lack of horse know-how in the crowds)
CNN Movie clip

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

National Geographic - YouTube

I've decided to start a new label/category on this blog for subscriptions, because there are a few services that I think are pretty handy or entertaining, even if I don't always find the time to catch up on these things!

I've had a YouTube membership for some time, but since I'm not really into the hobby of finding time to make video to put online, a membership is handy just so I can tag favorite videos to make them easier to find or to be able to subscribe to favorite video posters so one knows when something new is online. Handy!

One of the YouTube member video makers is National Geographic! I only wish there were a caption mode for the deaf on these vids. But after having made my own first Anatolian Shepherd Dog video that I tested on YouTube, just to see what I'd learn, I am a little more acquainted with the issues making quality video for the half size resolution that YouTube uses. And National Geographic does that very well. Of course!

Since I've subscribed to the channel, here are today's updates at National Geographic at YouTube as quoted from the YouTube subscription service.

New Videos from NationalGeographic
- Exorcism
- What is Skin?
- Rain Forest Shaman
- Stuffing Dead Pets
- Attempted Assassination of a President
- Inside Python Infested Waters
- Sea Monsters
- Monster Fish
- Sea Monsters 1
- Sea Monsters 2
- Sea Monsters 3

Stuffing Dead Pets? I know that stuffing a pet is never going to be my thing. I have known of some European breeders who have kept at least one cured pelt of a special guardian dog - one was a wall hanging of a Kuvasz which someone once described as having dense swirly hair - this is kind of like having a huge bearskin rug on the wall. I guess the latter choice for our big livestock guardian dogs makes more sense to me - although I'm not inclined to do this either. From a genetics and historical point of view, such a pelt can serve as an interesting example of what some feel should be the classic coat in that breed. I think more people that I know, would rather have handmade garments made that have some of the shed undercoat and/or hair from their dogs, especially while the dog still lives, but also as a useful keepsake after the dog passes. Again, probably more practical with these large LGD breeds due to volume and length of the fiber - compared to say an English Bulldog. A knit scarf for example, part wool from a fiber animal, and mixed with shed hair of dog is said to be incredibly warm. Probably more of us who can, will keep the ashes of our beloved friend in an urn until another decision is made regarding its disposition. Some of those who can bury their deceased dogs, will do that. It's just so sad to need to have a beloved animal rendered (like my deceased Arabian mare), but we can't always get what we want.

On a happier note... For more video and a chance to be interactive, Delta Society is taking votes from the public for Pet Partner of the Year - see the finalists, some video and cast your vote here.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chicken Poop of the Lips!

Fellow blogger, Chyril Walker mentions yours truly at the start of a short series of her recent chicken related postings at her blog.

Do check out the Chicken Poop link she gives. Chicken Poop is an interesting product that provides interesting gag opportunities! heehee ;) (I think I've been outed!)

Hrm, oh boy... another interesting product by the same vendor.... "Kill It Dead™– A Natural De-funkifier, is a vegan spray in a brown bottle, that will fight all kinds of odors so people think you take baths. ..." Hey, that sounds pretty interesting and useful! --- Go visit the blog and get the link to these products from there. Sounds like an interesting water conservation idea. LOL. :D

Turkish pulletAnd enjoy the pics of some Turkish chickens! I think the hen on the left has very interesting type and color. Very pretty with a sort of gamebird finish about her. The rooster next to her has some pretty huge spurs.

I found it interesting that bilateral pinioning was done on most birds of the first flock. I've never pinioned a bird, as mine have generally been much heavier modern breeds or breed mixes with less inclination to fly aside from natural inclination to find good roosting, but I think sometimes birds are often pinioned only on one side due to the way it can throw flight off balance but some people prefer to do both sides. Very interesting. I'm glad Chyril posted the pics.

Her postings crack me up, as she mentions yet another popular bird also sighted in Turkey during her recent visit. :)


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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Semavi Brats at Eleven Months - Comparative Musings

Coco. Her chocolate color looks deeper in this light.

Pics below compare the siblings with each other.

Helmut, looking ever sooooo handsome!

He's a pet quality boy, but we're hoping he will fill out and eventually become nice and solid. Slow growth is typical and this particular boy needs the muscling and bone that naturally comes to a male that isn't neutered. He's much too leggy to neuter now.

Helmut, all gangly and awkward! Angle of me to him is a bit weird in this one, makes him look oddly proportioned.

All gangly Helmut. This shows his length of body better.

Checking the view away from the corral.

Helmut with his sister Coco. His coat is longer, silkier.

Despite the same birthdate... they seem to be growing undercoat at different times. She had little undercoat for a few months -- and that only lasted for only a few months. Helmut had more fuzzy texture to his coat while Coco's coat was rather thin. Now Coco's undercoat is getting dense, while his is silky thin. Coco's coat quality, length and texture compares to her older sister, Ruya. If not for Coco's feathered ears and her silky tail, you might not be able to tell she is longer in coat genetically when she is standing next to Ruya. She and Helmut are homozygous for the recessive rough coat. Both parents and half their littermates were standard coated so each parent donated a rough coat gene to both Coco and Helmut. See littermate Marlowe for his 5 month photos. He has the rough coat as well.

Curly tails
R-L: Coco and Helmut. Right now, the tails are both silky. They have undercoat on the tails, but it is not dense. Nice light diffusers! :)

Sisters. Coco and Ruya. Same mom, different dads. Body hair on both coats have similar feel and texture although Coco's coat is slightly longer. This angle also distorts Ruya as it did Helmut.

Coco is 11 months above. Compare Coco to Ruya when Ruya was about a year old.
Ruya at about a year.

Coco's enchantingly lovely face.

Her grandmother on dad's side (Boone is Dad) was also chocolate. Chocolate is just a 'shade' of black, which just didn't have "all the parts" to make a black as dark as true black. Way over simplifying but the idea is that chocolate is another shade of black. Think of some black breeds you know that have black and also come in chocolate. Labs, Newfoundlands, Springer Spaniels, Flatcoats, American Pit Bull Terriers. Sometimes chocolate is called liver and in some breeds chocolate is also called 'red' (red, red nose pit bull). Some breeds are are entirely made up of chocolate dogs, Chesapeake, Viszla, German Shorthair Pointers and more.

Coco's eye
Those eyes! Since the eyes (and nose-skin and hair) of chocolate dogs, also don't have all the genetic parts "to build" true black, the color of the eyes stay a light amber although they are a crazy blue while the puppy is very young. So monochromatic. It is enchanting!

A bit excited in this pic, Coco.

Coco moving around...
Moving. The lighting in this one has more contrast. This enhances perception of the length of her hair.

Coco at 5 months. Dense undercoat. WAVY texture to her topcoat. It had a harsh feel to it.

Top view of Coco's coat at 5 months. Looks like she had a body wave.

Here's a similar topview of Helmut's coat at 5 months. It was very plushy soft.

Helmut at 5 months. Always gangly! Note that the texture from the side, is comparable to Coco's coat at the same age. It's just the top view where there are a lot of differences. Helmut's coat was softer and plushy, while Coco's coat had waves and harsh texture.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // October 06, 2007

How many loci are there for coat color? Helmut has a lot more black than I realized, comparing him to Ruya and others with the dark mask. He has funny little dark wings on his back (like Batman!).   

Blogger Judy sent us a woof // October 06, 2007

What beautiful dogs. I love this comparison essay. It's really fun to see littermates as they grow up, how they vary. Thanks for sharing!   

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anatolians in Jail


Long faces above... we had some work done on the property today so all the dogs had to go into the big kennel (the one that is strong enough to be Anatolian-proof!) while the gates were left open for lots of to and fro-ing for a few hours. The orange twine is for holding the kennel door open which it is most all the time.

Work done for the day, front gate closed. I go out to let them out, giving them a cheerful greeting. First, they give me happy, hopeful looks, because I'm about to let them out of the jail -- then I realized I should get the camera! -- Whee! snap snap...

After I got the camera, however, upon seeing the camera, instead of looking excitedly at me, they look resigned as I snap away... poor pups! All you peeps clamoring for pictures after my doggie picture hiatus. Look what you've done! LOL.

Close-ups of the Inmates--

This is taken from another pic, where they look to the front door, maybe accusingly at James who is just standing there watching. They are pointedly refusing to look at me. (lol) :D




I had to move to another angle to get a better picture of Helmut. He looks happier than Ruya who is still glowering (it seems) at James in the doorway. :)


Project isn't going to be done in one day, so they'll all have some more jail time, a few hours each day, in the next few days. sigh... Yeah, I'm not happy either but it'll be nice when the projects are finished. James laughed when he saw the photos of all the accusatory looking glances. The dogs are so expressive. After I let them out of jail, they all clustered around me for attention then each dog curled up nearby.

Snuggler, Boone
Boone snuggles against me as Helmut, his son, relaxes.

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Cheetah's, Tigers, and Anatolians. Oh My!

Photo thumbnail from HUGE pic on Chyril's blog!

Check out the September updates at Shepherds Rest Blog with pictures of cheetahs, tigers and some of her other cool news.

Ann Beckhelling, the Founder of Cheetah Outreach in South Africa, came to the USA this September and visited with Chyril and family at Shepherds Rest. Chyril has sent an Anatolian male named Morocco to Cheetah Outreach (CO) in the past year. Morocco is turning out to be quite promising. He may be used in CO's breeding program of Anatolians for cheetah conservation efforts. The dogs are kept by herd owners in South Africa, to deter cheetahs from preying on their livestock. Morocco's sire is Gandolf, who is owned by Mr. Guvener Isik, and who happened to be in Oregon at the time. Isik has been featured on this blog for some of his Turkish dog research. He joined with Ann and Chyril on a private tour of Wildlife Safari, Oregon. Isik's dog, Turkish born, Gandolf has been on lease as a working livestock guardian and as a foundation sire to Shepherds Rest Anatolian guardian dogs. Gandolf will probably go back to Turkey to work when his lease is complete. Such a globe trotting paragraph!

Chyril has posted a cool photo story as well, showing an Anatolian Shepherd Dog and a cheetah playing together. Lots of pics. Looking at them play and checking out their expressions and body language is fascinating stuff that intrigues me. It's that "animal whisperer" thing, checking out the pics is quite a trip. (If you love that sort of thing too... remember the pics showing the polar bear and husky at play?).

Chyril has had quite an interesting summer. There will be more updates with photos on her blog soon! :)

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My First Windows Movie Maker Video -- featuring Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

This is Helmut, after having a good time in the corral when I took some video.

Well, finally some homemade video! It's not Steven Spielberg or Pixar for sure but we had fun. :)

The two vids below are actually the same four minute composition in different resolutions featuring "Three Anatolians in a Corral". The Youtube one will be better for those with slower connections but it's harder to read my text additions. The larger one below it is huge .... well, normally I format blog posting widths to fit on small resolution screens but am making an exception for the high resolution version of this vid -- until this posting ages enough and I move with a link to it to its own page so it won't cause problems with viewing other archives with which that post is connected. IE users may or may not be able to play it online, so try the link to download.

I converted the MOV file from my still Kodak Z650 Zoom camera to AVI, after which I was able to explore Windows Movie Maker with the video. Okay the actually footage is not very good since my fancy digital Kodak camera cannot do Zoom while in video mode like a real camcorder can. But it's still footage that some may find entertaining, and I enjoyed it because it allowed me to learn some more tricks with my resident programs. Certainly any footage taken with less than a 1/4 acre will not suffer as much from lack of detail on the subject dogs, but I wanted this footage because I wanted to get video of the dogs romping around the corral. Boone is not in the video because Coco smells so interesting to him now (she's not in heat yet) and I just wanted focus on the current project.

The original video is taken in a large screen mode on my camera, so converting to the half size YouTube resolution causes some loss of detail in the text I added. I think the solution to that is to shrink the movie first, then add the 'captions' (grin). If you do have broadband speeds, then see the second version. You can also use your right mouse button to view the larger one in full screen because it is not a flash file.

Youtube version-

Windows Media Player version (High Resolution)-
you can right click for options like slow motion

Launch in external player - Watch full size for best detail

That's all for now, I think! Will edit this later, as needed. It was fun doing the videos. Hope you enjoy!

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // October 04, 2007

This was really fun to watch! You did a great job! :) So cute to see how high they hold their tails, like waving flags. Coco is amazingly gorgeous, with interesting spooky eyes. Of course, all of them are gorgeous!
Bizarre about the camera not zooming... seems like a rather obvious feature that it should have.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 05, 2007

Thanks Diane!

Coco is a cutie and so blonde! She's very monochromatic! I've been fascinated with Coco's eye color too.