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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cheetah's, Tigers, and Anatolians. Oh My!

Photo thumbnail from HUGE pic on Chyril's blog!

Check out the September updates at Shepherds Rest Blog with pictures of cheetahs, tigers and some of her other cool news.

Ann Beckhelling, the Founder of Cheetah Outreach in South Africa, came to the USA this September and visited with Chyril and family at Shepherds Rest. Chyril has sent an Anatolian male named Morocco to Cheetah Outreach (CO) in the past year. Morocco is turning out to be quite promising. He may be used in CO's breeding program of Anatolians for cheetah conservation efforts. The dogs are kept by herd owners in South Africa, to deter cheetahs from preying on their livestock. Morocco's sire is Gandolf, who is owned by Mr. Guvener Isik, and who happened to be in Oregon at the time. Isik has been featured on this blog for some of his Turkish dog research. He joined with Ann and Chyril on a private tour of Wildlife Safari, Oregon. Isik's dog, Turkish born, Gandolf has been on lease as a working livestock guardian and as a foundation sire to Shepherds Rest Anatolian guardian dogs. Gandolf will probably go back to Turkey to work when his lease is complete. Such a globe trotting paragraph!

Chyril has posted a cool photo story as well, showing an Anatolian Shepherd Dog and a cheetah playing together. Lots of pics. Looking at them play and checking out their expressions and body language is fascinating stuff that intrigues me. It's that "animal whisperer" thing, checking out the pics is quite a trip. (If you love that sort of thing too... remember the pics showing the polar bear and husky at play?).

Chyril has had quite an interesting summer. There will be more updates with photos on her blog soon! :)

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