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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chicken Poop of the Lips!

Fellow blogger, Chyril Walker mentions yours truly at the start of a short series of her recent chicken related postings at her blog.

Do check out the Chicken Poop link she gives. Chicken Poop is an interesting product that provides interesting gag opportunities! heehee ;) (I think I've been outed!)

Hrm, oh boy... another interesting product by the same vendor.... "Kill It Dead™– A Natural De-funkifier, is a vegan spray in a brown bottle, that will fight all kinds of odors so people think you take baths. ..." Hey, that sounds pretty interesting and useful! --- Go visit the blog and get the link to these products from there. Sounds like an interesting water conservation idea. LOL. :D

Turkish pulletAnd enjoy the pics of some Turkish chickens! I think the hen on the left has very interesting type and color. Very pretty with a sort of gamebird finish about her. The rooster next to her has some pretty huge spurs.

I found it interesting that bilateral pinioning was done on most birds of the first flock. I've never pinioned a bird, as mine have generally been much heavier modern breeds or breed mixes with less inclination to fly aside from natural inclination to find good roosting, but I think sometimes birds are often pinioned only on one side due to the way it can throw flight off balance but some people prefer to do both sides. Very interesting. I'm glad Chyril posted the pics.

Her postings crack me up, as she mentions yet another popular bird also sighted in Turkey during her recent visit. :)


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