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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

National Geographic - YouTube

I've decided to start a new label/category on this blog for subscriptions, because there are a few services that I think are pretty handy or entertaining, even if I don't always find the time to catch up on these things!

I've had a YouTube membership for some time, but since I'm not really into the hobby of finding time to make video to put online, a membership is handy just so I can tag favorite videos to make them easier to find or to be able to subscribe to favorite video posters so one knows when something new is online. Handy!

One of the YouTube member video makers is National Geographic! I only wish there were a caption mode for the deaf on these vids. But after having made my own first Anatolian Shepherd Dog video that I tested on YouTube, just to see what I'd learn, I am a little more acquainted with the issues making quality video for the half size resolution that YouTube uses. And National Geographic does that very well. Of course!

Since I've subscribed to the channel, here are today's updates at National Geographic at YouTube as quoted from the YouTube subscription service.

New Videos from NationalGeographic
- Exorcism
- What is Skin?
- Rain Forest Shaman
- Stuffing Dead Pets
- Attempted Assassination of a President
- Inside Python Infested Waters
- Sea Monsters
- Monster Fish
- Sea Monsters 1
- Sea Monsters 2
- Sea Monsters 3

Stuffing Dead Pets? I know that stuffing a pet is never going to be my thing. I have known of some European breeders who have kept at least one cured pelt of a special guardian dog - one was a wall hanging of a Kuvasz which someone once described as having dense swirly hair - this is kind of like having a huge bearskin rug on the wall. I guess the latter choice for our big livestock guardian dogs makes more sense to me - although I'm not inclined to do this either. From a genetics and historical point of view, such a pelt can serve as an interesting example of what some feel should be the classic coat in that breed. I think more people that I know, would rather have handmade garments made that have some of the shed undercoat and/or hair from their dogs, especially while the dog still lives, but also as a useful keepsake after the dog passes. Again, probably more practical with these large LGD breeds due to volume and length of the fiber - compared to say an English Bulldog. A knit scarf for example, part wool from a fiber animal, and mixed with shed hair of dog is said to be incredibly warm. Probably more of us who can, will keep the ashes of our beloved friend in an urn until another decision is made regarding its disposition. Some of those who can bury their deceased dogs, will do that. It's just so sad to need to have a beloved animal rendered (like my deceased Arabian mare), but we can't always get what we want.

On a happier note... For more video and a chance to be interactive, Delta Society is taking votes from the public for Pet Partner of the Year - see the finalists, some video and cast your vote here.

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