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Friday, November 02, 2007

"Get one step closer to being a master BBQ chef"

Today's big laugh!

Troubleshooting weird computer problems sometimes involves online searches for solutions. While I was looking for a solution, one message board suggested a Radio Shack product and gave a link to the item. Unfortunately the link was broken because the item is no longer offered, but I started to look around the Radio Shack offerings in the same category and found an item that had me laughing. It is a USB powered coffee mug warmer which acts as a useful hub, offering four additional USB ports.

"Keep your drink hot and your accessories connected."


While this wasn't what I was looking for, it still had me laughing, partially because of the frustration I had for the problem. But here's the real kicker for me... I noted there were tabs, one offering 'accessories' for the mugwarmer.

Okay, so, what sort of accessories does a USB mug warmer suggest?

I look at the accessories and find the first item offered is a Digital BBQ Thermometer.

fullsize screen capture

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