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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meet Jasmine!

Jasmine in a winter scene last year in Washington state.

Jasmine is a spayed littermate sister to Coco and Helmut (born Oct 2006) and I recently got new pics of her, Yay!
First some older pictures of her during her first year and a pic of her at one year while she plays with her neighbor doggie friends.

Do you think she fits in here any more? ;)

Some puppies are ball driven. Others are driven by ball driven puppies.
In the latter case, the object is somewhat bigger and a little more difficult to carry around! :D

Jasmine with an awesome older friend and mentor named Sam.
Sam now watches over Jasmine and family from Rainbow Bridge.

Through thick and thin over the years before Jasmine, he was a bracing, comforting, loyal, loving, guardian and friend. Sam will never be forgotten.

Jasmine the kid sitter. Or is it Puppy Sitters and Jasmine? :)

Jasmine trying out a carting harness. In the future, she may know a lot about carting! I'm looking forward to her book! ;)

Jasmine with friends in one of the most recent pics at one year of age.


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