Thursday, December 27, 2007

No-Kill Blog Wars

Animal Lovers are suing Los Angeles County Animal Control Department.

Ed Boks, major AB 1634 supporter is majorly screwing up in Los Angeles and he appears to know it. It's turning into a battle of twisty-turny, dizzifying rhetoric on his blog. Actually, everything Boks is doing is highlighting why AB 1634 cannot work, and furthermore, why it cannot work with a No Kill solution to shelter killings.

Don't miss the commentary at Gina Spadafori's Pet Connection Blog for better clarity of what is going on.

Read the quoted material posted below if you are not familiar with the issues involved. It will help you understand some of what is going on before you go to the Pet Connection.

About the law suit-

This is Zephyr who came to the shelter healthy.
She is ill in the photo above.
She and many others died there.

The national No Kill Advocacy Center, Cathy Nguyen, a volunteer animal rescuer, and Rebecca Arvizu, a Los Angeles County taxpayer and animal rescuer, have jointly filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, its Department of Animal Care and Control, and the Department’s Director, Marcia Mayeda. The lawsuit alleges unlawful and abusive treatment of animals at all six Los Angeles County animal shelters.

Among the allegations in the 29-page complaint filed today in Superior Court, the County Department of Animal Care and Control routinely:

  • Kills healthy and treatable animals before their state mandated holding period expires;
  • Misclassifies animals as “ill” or “injured” in order to kill them before their holding period expires even though the animals are not irremediably suffering as required by state law;
  • Kills lost animals without making reasonable attempts to find the animals’ owners;
  • Fails to provide adequate veterinary care to impounded animals, resulting in animal deaths;
  • Fails to provide adequate nutrition, water, shelter and exercise to impounded animals and to treat the animals humanely and kindly;
  • Refuses to release animals to rescue groups that are willing to care for the animals until adoptive homes can be found and, instead, kills the animals.

In addition, the County Department of Animal Care and Control unlawfully retaliates against animal rescuers and volunteers who publicize its unlawful treatment of animals.

The lawsuit asks a Superior Court Judge to order Los Angeles County, its Department of Animal Care and Control, and Department Director Mayeda to comply with state laws that protect animals from arbitrary and inhumane treatment. The lawsuit is being handled by the Los Angeles law firm of Eisenberg, Raizman, Thurston, and Wong, LLP.

“The Los Angeles County animal shelter system is supposed to provide a reasonable safety net of care for lost and abandoned animals,” said Nathan J. Winograd, Director of the No Kill Advocacy Center. “Instead, the system betrays the trust of the citizens of Los Angeles County by failing to treat the animals humanely and kindly.”

“Los Angeles County and its Department of Animal Control fought the existing animal protection laws that safeguard shelter animals when those laws were pending in the legislature. They fought the laws after they became effective through a regulatory challenge. Now, it appears they have decided they are just going to ignore those laws,” stated Winograd. “But Los Angeles County shelters are supposed to enforce laws related to animal welfare, not violate the laws themselves and then retaliate against rescue groups who want to save these animals and make their demands public. This is the worst form of hypocrisy and cannot be tolerated—especially since animals are not only suffering, they are needlessly being killed because of it.”

“I have tried to work with the Department and Director Mayeda regarding the conditions at Los Angeles County shelters for many months to no avail,” said plaintiff Cathy Nguyen, who works with rescue groups trying to save animals that Los Angeles County shelters are putting to death. “I cannot sit quietly and do nothing about this and have no choice at this point but to demand that they follow the law.”

“As a taxpayer, I don’t want my taxes to pay for the killing of animals when there are rescue groups willing to save them at their own expense,” said Los Angeles county taxpayer and plaintiff Rebecca Arvizu. “These shelters also do not reflect my values and those of my fellow citizens who love animals. Since they are supposed to be working for us, I want them caring for animals humanely. That’s the law and those are the values a majority of us hold dear.”

The No Kill Advocacy Center is a national non-profit organization trying to end the systematic killing of animals in U.S. shelters. It has drafted model legislation, works with municipal and private shelters nationwide, and helps animal lovers throughout the United States reform their local shelters.

The lawsuit is based on violations of California laws, especially the 1998 Animal Shelter Law. The law sought to reform California shelters which were unnecessarily killing in the face of cost-effective lifesaving alternatives. It follows a successful lawsuit in Kern County where a Superior Court judge held the Kern County animal control shelter in violation of law and ordered that shelter to cease its legal violations.

For a copy of the press release, click here. (Please note: Images are disturbing.)

For a full media kit, which includes a copy of the 4-page Demand Letter the plaintiffs sent to Ms. Mayeda before filing their lawsuit, the 3-page letter protesting the Department’s retaliation, the 29-page Complaint, video footage, and high resolution images of animal suffering in Los Angeles County’s shelter system, click here. (Please note: Images are disturbing.)

Please help us pay for the legal costs. To donate by check or make a secure online donation, click here or go to

P.O. Box 74926 San Clemente CA 92673

Have you read "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America" yet?

The more you know, the better your understanding of WHY AB 1634 and similar legislation does not work.

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anatolians in France

Sokar (standing male) and Varlik (sitting female) in snow.
These beautiful Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are owned by Sophie Licari in France.

Here is her young male, Coban.

You can visit her informative website here. (it is in French only)


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Blogger dawn224 sent us a woof // January 03, 2008

those are good looking dogs!   

Blogger Neva sent us a woof // January 06, 2008

very handsome dogs...I have never heard of this breed.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // January 06, 2008

I'm biased! But yes, they are wonderful dogs! :)   

Odds and ends

Here's some odd stuff from a few days ago that I didn't have time to post...

Doggy panda bear politics.... Chinese police dog may teach pandas to fight. Conservation with an odd twist? I'm not sure what is involved with this but alarms go off in my head.
Other oddness, this link was in Yahoo's category of "Seriously strange- zany stories of 2007". One quoted below :D
The Chinese capital Beijing began a campaign to improve its signposting in English ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games. Among signs in need of correcting were ones for "Pubic Toilets," and "Deformed Men" -- the latter indicating facilities for the handicapped.

Another distraction... iGoogle (your very own google start page), now features tabs and among those tabs is a gadget page for casual games! Yeesh. You are given a menu of tab topics and some default links & mashups are preset for you in categories such as News, Humor, Cooking (yay!), Art and Technology. I liked the default cooking ones well enough but have not tweaked. The game ones would have to be tweaked majorly if I were going to make use of it (eventually?). :)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day. :)

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Communist China and California - Control Freak Sisters

Legislation in California and across the United States of America, fueled by extremists and misinformed and/or corrupt legislators are doing their darndest to bring more authoritarian government our lives.

See the story of Mr. Chen in China who "has been fighting for the right to own the dog of his choice since 2003". Mr. Chen is now fighting China.

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Make a Yule Log, Become a Hobo and Other Trivia...

If you haven't discovered WikiHow, take a look at it sometime. You may find some of the most odd (!!) or useful How-to files over there. I found some useful tips on tuning up a Windows XP computer such as which Windows services I can disable to speed up my notebook.

Just so you don't get swept away on a tip that seems too good/weird to be true, check out the tab labeled discuss which goes with each topic. Remember Wikis are built by contributors (even pranksters) who may or may not have any expertise. Some are really useful and accurate, and others are... something else all together! :D ;)

To get you started, if you want to get into some degree of the Holiday Spirit (even if you never cook), check out the image that goes with making a Yule Log. I think I spent about five minutes laughing nonstop on that one. :) EDIT - Dec 21, 11AM: Just my luck, someone changed the image today, but you can see the image that I saw right here. Or how about making a necklace out of fish hooks, or how to become a Hobo.

Of course there are so many interesting files there that in order to find more time to browse, you might need some tips on calling in sick. :)

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stuart - the Final Story...

Stuart is an Anatolian who was born on a ranch and as a youngster went to a loving suburban home -- with an owner whose life became increasingly complicated. At some point, the owner realized she didn't have the time and resources to give him the best in life and opted to have him rehomed.

Stuart was lucky and found a country home with wonderful and dedicated owners who have a natural aptitude and a great deal of love for their critters.

Stuart's issues, however, turned out to be much larger than anyone had imagined... :(

See the rest of the story at Karen's blog. Kudos to Karen and Michael for all the work and understanding they lavished on him.

The picture below, from about a year and a half ago, is of their older Anatolian, Akin, when he was 14 years old.
Akin is also a rehome (correction not a rehomed rescue but...) dog acquired at a later age, so he's a testament to the fact that these placements do work. He was acquired from a breeder who still had 8 puppies left from a litter; he was 8 months old.

He is still helping Karen and Michael run the ranch, although he is officially retired now.
... and apparent he can do no wrong! LOL :D
He's living in the yards around the house, has koi, parakeets and some mini horses to watch over... has learned to sneak in the kitchen door when we're unloading groceries and sort through the bags... we've caught him licking a pint of Ben & Jerry's, among other things!

May we all have the experience of wonderful dogs like Akin in our lives. :)

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Anonymous HHranch sent us a woof // December 20, 2007

Akin is also "Mr. April" in the 2008 ASD Calendar....   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 20, 2007

A Fabulous photo it is too! :)   

Chained Dog Falls Out of Truck and ...

Link to a story with pics and a fund raising raffle for very special and lucky dog in Maryland named Bodie.
(warning: pics are a little graphic) -- go see Bodie!!

A story to keep in mind when reminding someone of the risks there are to truck bed passengers.


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Anonymous HHranch sent us a woof // December 19, 2007

Pictures made me cry but Bodie seems to be okay.. probably the best thing that ever happened to him....   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 20, 2007

I felt that way too. :(   

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When Lack of Common Sense Becomes Propaganda

Great video from Rexano.
Woohoo! Aside from the important subject and good coverage of the matter -- there is TEXT in the video, great for deafies like me. :)

After you view the video... go to YouTube and rate HIGH!

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random Cuteness in Size Large

Wink wink - Hi cutie pie!

The above is one of several shots of Helmut that I took a few days ago, and you can see a few more of them over here.

We have a big metal table on wheels in the yard. I was resting my elbows on it to steady the camera and get some doggy pics. Helmut adds to that by going up to the table and putting HIS elbows up there too so he can peer into my lenses and see what I'm doing! Above is one of the faces he made when I told him he was being silly. :) And yep, my camera lens ended up with a noseprint from him.

For Cuteness in Size Small (but that will change!)
Head on over to Marlene's place. She's got some of the cutest new faces on her blog!


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Blogger cissy sent us a woof // December 16, 2007

Wow, Janice, what a beauty he is! Does he have potential as a service dog?   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 16, 2007


Temperamentally he does have SD potential if he doesn't have to bear weight or pull a wc. He could help steady an ambulatory person in daily activities as a mobility dog - for someone who is not overly frail.

However, I would not place him as an SD. He has some structural weaknesses that makes him pet quality (good for the home and yard). My feeling with a dog this large is that the structure should be better for an SD candidate in order to ensure longevity under the demands of SD work. But certainly he could help his owner in an informal capacity.

He actually does stick by my walker very nicely. He's a bit more cloying than my girls. But he's still a puppy and Doofus is his middle name. :)

He is pretty solid and fairly athletic right now. He will very likely not be a handful because so far as I have seen him, he is bold and sensible. (but still, sometimes a doofus)

As you know, there are a lot of ingredients needed for making good SD with working longevity. I miss my Aslan so MUCH. :(   

Anonymous Brandi sent us a woof // December 20, 2007

What a great picture of Helmut. I just love that wink! Mine do that too sometimes. That picture is priceless!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 20, 2007

Thanks Brandi!
This boy is a character and such a goofy dog. :)   

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Prevent Dog Bites by Teaching Sharing

Teaching a puppy to share or trade, is a good practice. This article does a great job explaining the importance of teaching this in an article by Yvette VanVeen in Toronto's The


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Friday, December 07, 2007

Heart of the Internet - Hungry Beast

I've sometimes thought about how dependent we are on electrical power. I am awed by the massive sizes of the server farms around the world which make possible our internet as we know it.

BldgBlog, a fascinating blog with focus on architecture and design, has had a recent post on this subject with impressive photos and thought provoking links.

When connections are hinky, when huge domains and internet businesses are down, sometimes there's just a really interesting story just waiting to be told. But then again, maybe not. ;)


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One Laptop Per Child -Revisited

Photo from OLPC -
I initially wrote about the "One Laptop Per Child" (OLPC) project over a year ago.

Right now, the project is still a charity, and there are still many questions I have on the program and will it sink or swim, but I have a lot of faith in the kids. The use of the computers works something like homeschooling, where kids are naturally motivated because of the nature of the medium. The project has a December 2007 "Give one, Get one" incentive which provides machines at a discount and people are buying and donating both machines to the project. :)
OLPC has asked affluent American individuals and charitable groups to buy machines and donate them to children in poor countries. Participants in the Give One Get One program pay $400 for two of the machines - one for their own use and the other to be donated. Participants also receive a year of free wireless Internet access at hundreds of public hotspots operated by T-Mobile. A separate program, called Give Many, encourages charities to pay for hundreds or thousands of OLPC laptops. (source
The design of these little laptops has changed somewhat since the original pics I saw over a year ago, and the interest in the project as demonstrated by foreign governments has been a bit... reserved. has a report on it, and mentions some of its problems (the Nigerian criminal that is trying to sue the charity project has a lot of #&^@^%!). Those who can, probably will if they are aware of the program, for the rest of us, if donating some machines is within the scope of a charity that we know, maybe suggest the charity to donate? According to OLPC, donors are able to designate where the machines they donate are to go.

And, of course, the homepage of the project is worth a visit!

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