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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Make a Yule Log, Become a Hobo and Other Trivia...

If you haven't discovered WikiHow, take a look at it sometime. You may find some of the most odd (!!) or useful How-to files over there. I found some useful tips on tuning up a Windows XP computer such as which Windows services I can disable to speed up my notebook.

Just so you don't get swept away on a tip that seems too good/weird to be true, check out the tab labeled discuss which goes with each topic. Remember Wikis are built by contributors (even pranksters) who may or may not have any expertise. Some are really useful and accurate, and others are... something else all together! :D ;)

To get you started, if you want to get into some degree of the Holiday Spirit (even if you never cook), check out the image that goes with making a Yule Log. I think I spent about five minutes laughing nonstop on that one. :) EDIT - Dec 21, 11AM: Just my luck, someone changed the image today, but you can see the image that I saw right here. Or how about making a necklace out of fish hooks, or how to become a Hobo.

Of course there are so many interesting files there that in order to find more time to browse, you might need some tips on calling in sick. :)

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