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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Odds and ends

Here's some odd stuff from a few days ago that I didn't have time to post...

Doggy panda bear politics.... Chinese police dog may teach pandas to fight. Conservation with an odd twist? I'm not sure what is involved with this but alarms go off in my head.
Other oddness, this link was in Yahoo's category of "Seriously strange- zany stories of 2007". One quoted below :D
The Chinese capital Beijing began a campaign to improve its signposting in English ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games. Among signs in need of correcting were ones for "Pubic Toilets," and "Deformed Men" -- the latter indicating facilities for the handicapped.

Another distraction... iGoogle (your very own google start page), now features tabs and among those tabs is a gadget page for casual games! Yeesh. You are given a menu of tab topics and some default links & mashups are preset for you in categories such as News, Humor, Cooking (yay!), Art and Technology. I liked the default cooking ones well enough but have not tweaked. The game ones would have to be tweaked majorly if I were going to make use of it (eventually?). :)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day. :)

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