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Monday, January 07, 2008

Keep 'Em In Collar

Picture is turned sideways for the blog, but this gives a nice four hundred pixel wide shot of the proportions of this collar.

The metal band in the center has a leather collar bolted down on the outside.
The band is actually two half circles for ease of putting around the dog's neck.

The M shaped extensions on this collar prevent the dog from squeezing between pole and/or wire pens, preventing her from going at will from one pen to the next during her training period. Despite the size of these dogs, they are often excellent shape-shifters and powerful enough to cause some types of fencing to give way. Livestock dogs in training need to be supervised during their training period so any problems can be nipped in the bud, so this custom collar method kept her in the desired pens during training.

Another look at the collar.
Also note in the background, one of the types of panels used. This Anatolian's primary job was not with mules and horses. The sheep pens had a variety of different fencing, but the collar was designed to be effective all around the ranch.

A little closer, so you can see the welding detail.

I had gone with Carolyn Domecq to Dennis' ranch do a registration evaluation on this Anatolian a few years ago. I had forgotten my camera so thanks to Carolyn (website), we were able to get these photos of Dennis' handiwork at his ranch!


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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // January 07, 2008

This collar is a great idea. Someone should convince Dennis to produce them for sale. Thanks for showing us!   

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