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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Otto, the Anatolian!

Scanning my google updates last night, I noticed an alert for a blog about Otto, the Anatolian. And the same day, also got a comment from Otto's Mom!

Otto's Mom has some thought provoking Anatolian related musings inspired by Otto, the Anatolian. It's with both an amused sense of deja vu and some satisfaction that I reflect on Otto's Mom's sensible perspectives on her Anatolian experience with Otto. Granted, Otto is Otto, and many of us have quite different life experiences with our Anatolians and each new Anatolian in our lives always has something to teach us. Keeps us honest, don't cha think? :) Go check out Otto's blog! :)

BTW, just out of coincidence, I was checking to see where Ruya (code: ruya1) had migrated to on the Pedigree Dog Mosaic which I posted about previously, and what do you know, Otto (code that worked for me to recheck location: otto1) was located just a few squares away from Ruya around Pedigree Dog's left ear (see below). What a coincidence (or I would never have seen Otto!). Hey, ASD people... world domination can't be too far fetched a goal. Wuffs! ;)

World Domination begins now!


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