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Monday, January 28, 2008

Zoey in Oregon Loves Snow!

Zoey (Semavi Kale Zoey) in Oregon snow.

Paul says Zoey loves the snow! Zoey is Ruya's littermate sister. Pic above is a crop I made from the original which shows her closer, same pic is below at a distance. Paul just got a new digital camera and I'm amazed at the detail he gets even with the heavy overcast of the day. According to the Exif info, the camera is a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS. I looked it up and that's 8 Megapixels with 4x Optical Zoom! Woo!

Here she is in the show again, in the uncropped original. The detail in the first cropped image is amazing, esp given the circumstances.

When Zoey was a baby here, the camera I had at the time was rather low resolution and could only do 640 x 480 pix with about 75K in size, and no more than 20 pictures could be on the camera's memory at one time. And if pictures were taken in low light, everything was grainy and dark. Above is one of Zoey's old puppy photos. She's posing under my walker while I snap the pic. This was taken in pretty good light. It is a crop from the original image.

And a close up of her as a big girl, sharing the love with someone. :)

Here's a ranch scene with big puffs of snow coming down. I think it's beautiful! (as long as I don't have to go outside and do chores or driving nor have to put up with snow and slush for weeks to come!)


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