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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Helmut at June Mountain

Helmut taking off with his family for a June Mountain (California) ski vacation this March.

He was a grinning California beach boy last month and a happy snow doggie a month later! :)

Helmut at June Mountain
Helmut sporting his doggie backpack in the snow.

Helmut at June Mountain
Enjoying a good run!

Helmut at June Mountain

I asked Geno if he got bowled over but he said Helmut never bowls him over, he's so agile.
I'd probably still want to duck or something! eep!

Helmut at June Mountain
These big dogs really love snow!!

Helmut at June Mountain
Powder faced, Helmut.
I absolutely LOVE this pic!
Isn't he cute?! :D

Thanks Geno!

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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 3/22/2008 11:24:00 PM | Permanent link | (4) Comments

Blogger Judy sent us a woof // March 24, 2008

What a wonderful life Helmut has! A well-rounded dog-of-all-seasons. It's so much fun to see how the litter is growing. Thanks for sharing -


Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // March 29, 2008

Helmut seems like a natural in the snow. I'm glad to see he is still doing well. You raised a good pup there, Janice.


Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // April 06, 2008

He is so happy.. what joyous pictures!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 06, 2008

Thanks everyone. :)

I think he's such a cool dog!   

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