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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Khazu and Dylan at Amboy Crater

Above: Khazu (L) and Dylan (R) with Susan at Amboy Crater, Mojave National Preserve.

Happy update from Khazu and Dylan, who I last posted as Surprise Visit in 2006.

Khazu is Ruya's brother and Dylan is Zor's sister. Dylan is starting to slow down but Khazu is apparently ready to climb any mountain. Don't they look good?! There they are standing shoulder to shoulder, blocking access to Susan, and each looking in opposite directions. Nice guardian shot. :)

More pics below...
Dylan is ten years old in April. Over the years, she has loved the challenge of hiking, being with her people and Khazu, and she was strong and as sure footed as a goat. This trip was a bit rough on her due to the desert heat -- also perhaps arthritis has taken a toll... made the rough terrain a challenge this time.

No fun watching our beloved dogs grow old. :(

Khazu in the midst of desert sunflowers!

Khazu enjoying the terrain.
He was naughty once and took off but never went out of sight, and came back when he was tired and ready to.

I loved the update. Thank you Susan and Steve!

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