Saturday, April 26, 2008

NASRN on MySpace

Above, Ruya (L) with our foster Molly (R) after checking out the corral. They coming up to see if I have cookies and rubs for them. Molly is available to the right home.

Speaking of rescues...
National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) now has its own MySpace page. Go visit and if you have a myspace page, sign up as a friend! Kudos to Tammy for her NASRN rescue and networking efforts!

Tammy is working with a foster that needs a home. Meet Tramp, below!

Contact Tammy for more information about "Tramp" and other rescues.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Puppy on Stilts

Sun, 20 April 2008 -- Thanks to etest and matthewc on Blogger help groups, I am finally able to post this! :)
Blogger to Yahoo FTP settings have recently had some sort of glitch -- etest successfully brainstormed a work around that is working for some of us in the same boat. It's working for me, at least for this posting.

It was about noon today (April 15th), Ruya and Coco were out near the corral -- and they started barking. James went to see what was going on and found that the mini horse mare had just had a foal in our loafing shed (an open sided barn). In the first few pics, you can see that her birthing fluids are still in parts of her coat and coloring her hind legs.

He snapped some pics and later after the owner of the mare had arrived, I shot some more. Such a cute baby!
Above, you can see Ruya (R) and Coco (L) in the background watching the new arrival. Most of this set of pics can be clicked to enlarge.

Mama mare is a first time mom and so she was adjusting to all the new things happening to her body. The cute little creature that had arrive less than an hour ago was already strongly imprinted to Mama!

Nuzzling the cutie pie.
Look! It's a puppy on stilts!

I've never seen as much of a beard on a little foal before!

Don't the splashes of white look interesting? Her sire also has asymmetrical white markings.
That splash on the rump looks like a bird flying to the left, or a bird on a perch with it's tail dangling down.

A different camera used for this pic and the next two.
The little filly's beard has been trimmed back a bit. Not quite so goatlike!
Our neighbor introduces his filly to the basic concepts of milking mama with his fingers leading the foal's muzzle and lips to the milk bar.

Mom had a ticklish belly and a full bag of milk -- all sensitive and she wasn't too sure about this fancy new suckling business. Nature usually gets it all worked out soon enough since foals are persistent. Foals sometimes walk around making smacking noises with their lips as they search for their targets! Cute!

New moms sometimes need a little encouragement to let baby nurse if she stamps her feet, squeals and or pushes the baby away due to feeling tender or ticklish. Baby's suckling reflexes in this case needed to be encouraged so we could get mom used to be nursed on while we were out there to help, or interfere. :) That colostrum is so important, so you know how people can get, trying to be sure that they observe that the baby and the new mama get some understanding of Equine Nursing 101. After foals get the hang of it and as they get bigger, they can get to be pretty rough at this, banging their muzzles against mom's tummy. Most moms quickly design a new lesson plan to circumvent that. :)

Just realized... Looks like the mare is almost leaning on James.

Incidently... When you're working with mini horses, you thank goodness for good knees and a strong back! (which is why James and I are partial to the full sized horses, lol)

You can see where the filly got her coloring from. :)
Dad had to be gated off in the paddock so that the mare could attend to her new duties without fussing about curious Dad. Dad seemed to be content if he could just watch. But any time the foal headed in his direction, Mom would nudge the foal away or stand, blocking the path.

More pics of the parents here...

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 21, 2008

First thing I thought of with the spot on its rump was - dinosaur!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 23, 2008

You've been hanging around the evolution people too much. Ha! And I've become a bird brain. ;)   

Friday, April 11, 2008

Looking for Turkish Spike Collars?

My favorite source of Turkish dog collars is Andrea, who has a site over at As shown above, Andrea has more than spike collars available. There are leather collars with kilim accents (no two alike!) as well as heavy duty Turkish leather collars decorated with various accents. Not just collars; there are collectible or practical authentic goodies for people at her site, including traditional woolen cloths used in making Turkish flat bread (sofreh), carpets, contemporary carrying bags as well as authentic costumes from the region and surrounding areas (Silk Turkoman riding costumes, gorgeous!).

Over the years, she's been able to obtain small supplies and quite a variety of regional variations in Turkish spike collars including some examples of collars from Sivas, Aksaray, and Cappadocia. (see her site to see what is available)

Some varieties have hard, sharp spikes three inches long (or more!). Yikes. An old photo below of Aslan briefly modeling such a collar.

These collars make interesting wall hangings or are cool things to bring with you when educating people about what livestock guardian dogs are all about and sharing a little lore about some cultural heritage behind these pastoral dogs. People are unlikely to forget the collars after seeing them!

I don't recommend letting your dog freely wear these collars around people or around the house unless you're quite used to living with a mobile version of an iron maiden in your environment, or are just eccentric enough to enjoy to the thought of a Kato/Clouseau-like existence risking your valuable furnishings, your clothing and your walls when your sweet, loyal, affectionate dog is wearing such a collar and comes up to you for a cookie. :)

Kato vs Agent Clouseau
Too funny. Had to post the clip. haha!!


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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Software Telephone for the Deaf

My old copy of NexTalk has been getting a lot of use in the past few weeks and suddenly it kept crashing or just truncating my phone sessions - requiring a reboot to resume a call. Ugh! So I decided to uninstall and clean out the registry and file folders of the program and then reinstall an upgrade. I went to download the program again and was happy to find that the newest version is designed so that it also works on Vista now and has a FAX option. Interesting. Anyway, with Vista capability, now I can install it on my (new to me) Gateway notebook which has Vista installed. :)

The link for NexTalk is here. This is a free program that enables a deaf person (who wants to use the computer interface) to call a person who can hear. An operator types text messages back to the deaf person, typing out whatever is being said at the hearing end. It works a lot like using a real time instant messenger. Thanks to all those wonderful relay operators out there that make these services possible. :D

Now here's a wonderful video with text, showing a sweet dog named Cowboy learning something new. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 07, 2008

Oh. So the deaf can call someone that hears. I thought it would help the deaf hear. ;)


I am so glad that technology is at least helping you remain part of the world at large, kiddo!


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 12, 2008

You're too funny, Mark! I wish it could help me hear tho. I'd probably want the person on the other end to play me music that I miss so much.

SHUDDUP, just play music for me!!! heehee ;)