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Friday, April 11, 2008

Looking for Turkish Spike Collars?

My favorite source of Turkish dog collars is Andrea, who has a site over at turkishdogcollars.com. As shown above, Andrea has more than spike collars available. There are leather collars with kilim accents (no two alike!) as well as heavy duty Turkish leather collars decorated with various accents. Not just collars; there are collectible or practical authentic goodies for people at her site, including traditional woolen cloths used in making Turkish flat bread (sofreh), carpets, contemporary carrying bags as well as authentic costumes from the region and surrounding areas (Silk Turkoman riding costumes, gorgeous!).

Over the years, she's been able to obtain small supplies and quite a variety of regional variations in Turkish spike collars including some examples of collars from Sivas, Aksaray, and Cappadocia. (see her site to see what is available)

Some varieties have hard, sharp spikes three inches long (or more!). Yikes. An old photo below of Aslan briefly modeling such a collar.

These collars make interesting wall hangings or are cool things to bring with you when educating people about what livestock guardian dogs are all about and sharing a little lore about some cultural heritage behind these pastoral dogs. People are unlikely to forget the collars after seeing them!

I don't recommend letting your dog freely wear these collars around people or around the house unless you're quite used to living with a mobile version of an iron maiden in your environment, or are just eccentric enough to enjoy to the thought of a Kato/Clouseau-like existence risking your valuable furnishings, your clothing and your walls when your sweet, loyal, affectionate dog is wearing such a collar and comes up to you for a cookie. :)

Kato vs Agent Clouseau
Too funny. Had to post the clip. haha!!


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