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Friday, September 19, 2008

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet! I'm Bork, bork, borking!

Okay, this is short.
I originally started posting this on "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (Sept 19th, Friday). While trying to tweak a Google setting for languages and while looking at Google filters, I ran into the screen above - click it to make bigger and see the language choices.
Surprise eh? but humor can be a welcome thing. :) -- and makes for interesting searches!

I do have a link to Rinkwork's dialectizer, to see this page dialectized in redneck speak, just click this link. :)

To dialectize another page, just go here and have fun! (or play with your google language setting options, there are several surprise languages which don't change the pages you find, but change the google search interface!) LOL B)

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