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Friday, September 05, 2008

One Laptop per Child, at Amazon in November

Amazon.com will be participating in the Give One and Get One incentive program of the nonprofit group One Laptop per Child (OLPC).

From first link above:
The nonprofit organization started Give One, Get One as a way to raise money to send laptops to schoolchildren in poor countries. The idea is that a person pays for two of the XO laptops developed by OLPC. One is sent to the buyer, and another is donated to a child in a developing country.

I've been really interested in this project for the past few years and am interested in the impact it will have as the program broadens. It's been reported that some donators who can, will buy two and donate both. That is just awesome; I think the computer is awful cute. You can see a brief animation of it here.

Reportedly, and quite believably, kids really are reacting in a great way to having this tool. I'm still however pondering potential problems at the level of the child's family for one thing. Probably not big serious things will happen but I've seen sad things happen when a parent or perhaps a sibling or other relative, who didn't have the benefit of a newer generation's technology reacts to the younger one. Probably it is the pessisimist in me but as I said, I have observed it, it happens. Of course most of the reports are going to reflect the good stuff. You can read about student and teacher reactions to this tool at the LaptopGiving site. The main site for OLPC is here.

Take a look at the older posts on this label, to see how much this little computer has changed. :)


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