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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella update

Bella, alert, active and on watch. Been having a hard time getting weight on this girl but we're getting there.

Bella in October
It's not unusual to have a young Anatolian that is skinny. A picture from today. Bella's still way skinnier than I'd like.

Previously her owners fed aromatic canned food to stimulate her appetite. She picked at even that and left it partly uneaten - sometimes only giving it a sniff and not eating, and then she would guard anything she didn't eat. In a multidog setting, that just can't be done since it annoys the rest of the civilians including me, so during the first week I had her, I put her uneaten food away or fed the rest of it to the others at another meal. And started Plan B.

Plan B? Within a week after she arrived, I started putting Bella with her chocolate sister, Coco in the same area to do chow. The competitive aspect of that, having another dog snarfing up chow in the proximity of her bowl, is what got her stimulated to eat. ("EAT! or it will be eaten!) Now she snarfs down her chow, has a hearty appetitite, but still has a bit of a way to go in the weight department.

Pretty Bella.


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