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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forensics of Logic vs Faith based Election

I had a good laugh when I peeked in various forums. I was amused at various breakdown in logic. Scenario: the typical poster is supposedly trained in scientific method or otherwise has some other profession which normally requires a significant amount of hard tangible evidence. Many of these generally fit the mold of those who have issue with 'faith based' history or evolution and engage in lively debate on the same.

The funny thing is that the same people abandon logic and science, indeed, tangible evidence and fact finding -- over the simple matter of Obama's real birth certificate. I'm only addressing the question of is he or isn't he, natural born. People tend to lose focus, emotions take over -- *POOF* (as another friend used to type) -- none of their previous rules to support scientific skepticism need apply at this point! :rotfl: Some realize this and have a good laugh at their human side. :)

Here's a birth certificate on a car btw. Vrroooom!

It is 'about faith' in that certificate of live birth, for example. There's no further proof needed to validate Obama's 'natural born' status... since 'its all up there' on a given website they name or perhaps he wrote it in 'His Book' which of course... ohhh, careful now... :)

Anyway, one thing that people seem to be confused about, is that the computer print out showing that the state of Hawaii has a record on him does not provide verification of his birth in that state. Even that car's certificate has more info on it. LOL.

A Hawaiian birth certificate

Medical officers (or doctors) present, the mom (and dad if present), would sign above documentation to verify a birth they witnessed. You know... like a signature and all that. ;) The hospital where the baby was born would be noted as well.

A friend wrote about her father's birth certificate. In the case of that one... in the early 30s when he was born, there were a lot of home births. My friend's grandmother's name was on the certificate and her grandfather is listed as the 'MD'. Grandad was not actually an MD but these little forms are pretty concise and since he was probably present or nearby when his son was born, and since the forms are filled out by civilians in any manner they choose and only signed by doctors if doctors were involved, then that certificate only validates the info the parents put on the paper. It is not necessarily true.

A mom with a homebirth, going to the hospital with her new baby would be handed a questionaire card to fill out and sign. She can put anything she wants on it. And even call the father an alien from Mars if she believes that. BUT if a doctor is present for the birth, the attending physician signs these things. It is not a form that the hospital fills out by inventing answers. It's like when you have HMO situation and they hand you a clipboard when you walk in. Except for a baby, ideally this clipboard is only filled out once. LOL

None of the information which validates a native birth is in Obama's widely circulated computer generated summary. It really is only "a certification" of the existance of a certificate. The conjecture is that Obama's mom was in Hawaii at some point after Obama's birth, and that he may be born in Kenya. The 'piece of paper' currently flaunted is not valid evidence for a US born birth.

The hospitals are required to disclose all births and deaths. Even marriages that are in the newspaper will not have enough information on the people involved to draw conclusions on the residency of the persons documented.

According to the college records of Obama's mom, she was not in Hawaii at the time of Obama's birth, and the link with info on that has some nice pictures of Stanley Ann and her family. The page also raises another ponder: Who's yo daddy? Check it out.

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