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Monday, October 27, 2008

??? Gack!

A lot on my mind, I can't be motivated to put it into words here.
Very interesting stuff going on.

Governor of Hawaii sealing the records? (Has this anything to do with Obama's recent trip to Hawaii? -more likely Corsi's wording of the Governor's announcement?)

Credit card fraud? Stuff that's got to be in the news, you think?

Shame Cubed -although the quote below is not the main point of the linked message, the issue about reporting is so true. It's a lot easier to get a misidentified dog, labeled as a 'pit bull attack' in the news, than to have journalists engaged in investigative reporting. Or even balanced reporting in areas of national politics? (emphasis below in color, is mine)
I know that this person does not have teams of highly paid professionals, does not work out of a corner office in a skyscraper in New York, does not have access to all of the subtle and hidden conduits of information … who possesses no network television stations, owns no satellite time, does not receive billions in advertising dollars, and has a staff of exactly one.

I do not blame Barack Obama for believing in wealth distribution. That’s his right as an American. I do blame him for lying about what he believes. But his entire life has been applying for the next job at the expense of the current one. He’s at the end of the line now.

I do, however, blame the press for allowing an individual citizen to do the work that they employ standing armies of so-called professionals for. I know they are capable of this kind of investigative journalism: It only took them a day or two to damage Sarah Palin with wild accusations about her baby’s paternity and less time than that to destroy a man who happened to be playing ball when the Messiah decided to roll up looking for a few more votes on the way to the inevitable coronation.

We no longer have an independent, fair, investigative press. That is abundantly clear to everyone — even the press. It is just another of the facts that they refuse to report, because it does not suit them.
An Alaskan Republican senator is bigger news to some news sites, along with their usual sticky drooly slavering over their coddled candidate. Go figure.

Obama sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans - an older link still on my mind.


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Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // October 28, 2008

Yep... what happened to individual privacy that was going to prevent us from listening in on terrorist conversations? Congress put up a fight over that, but it IS okay to hack into Palin's private email acct (done by the son of a democratic official) or use gov't computers to destroy "Joe the Plumber" , a private citizen because he asks a tough question of a presidential candidate? - who has now been blackballed and cannot get a job. Obama has talked about how negative our constitution is.. but you will not hear that in the news. The press is definitely not giving us a full story on any issue these days. Our own Channel 9 here in FL has been 'censored' by the Obama campaign because they did not like the questions asked of Biden. Will any opposition pressed be silenced forever if Obama is elected? We are indeed losing our individual rights and our press no longer gives us balanced reporting. The incidents sound more like Cuba or Russia - destroying private citizens and silencing the oppostion. Children in uniform chanting the glories of a presidential candidate. And my own Union newspaper praising the Marxist philosphy (ant that is a quote) of a presidential candidate! This should raise an alarm to all Americans.... what is happening to our beloved county?   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 28, 2008

Obama said his government was about change! People want smooth talking icon to look up to, but actually more of the same secretive, selective, predjudicial stuff as before. They just want to vote for it this time. LOL :D   

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