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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures of Coco

Coco, my chocolate girl! :)
Two years old.

Don't understand why the color of her tongue is so hot pink. Must be the auto color thingie on the camera and the fact that the picture is so monochromatic.

Semavi Vasi Coco
This was taken the same day I did Bella. Coco is lot more solid. She is lean, but not near as thin as Bella.

Semavi Vasi Coco
Another view.

Semavi Vasi Coco
Here are L-R, Bella and Coco. They were both looking at the camera but Bella looked at her sis, just when I shot the pic. Sorry that it's a toupee type shot (aerial, not at their level and featuring the tops of their heads!) But the missed shot was really cool and would have made a nice close-up blog shot with my walker edited out. They were looking up at me with the same expression and heads close together. You could see how similar their head shapes are.

Coco looks so monochromatic next to sis Bella. Both are black masked fawns, except Coco got a (recessive) variant of black pigment, that doesn't go 'all the way to dark', so any parts of her that would be blacker, get the shade of chocolate instead. (chocolate, liver, or brown... all are names for the same variation on black color in Anatolians)

Coco at five months. (Click picture to make bigger.) Just for comparison.

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