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Friday, November 14, 2008

Anatolian Rescue goodies

I just got my beautiful Anatolian Calendar for 2009. Leydi above, is the cover girl. You can see more pics of her and her beautiful kids, over at Zaltana's Anatolian blog. It's a fun blog to visit because it is a picture web log and the pictures give a lot of clues about canine pack behavior. I think Marlene does a great job on her blog. :) (Plus, I just like to harass her! )

Kadim, Leydi and Alex are among the featured Anatolians in the 2009 calendar. 100% of all proceeds benefit purebred Anatolians. There might be some calendars left for those who forgot about preordering - they do not last long because the number that are printed is based largely on preorders. For more info on if any can be had, or info on how much is raised for rescue, and if you have a great Anatolian you'd like to see in next year's calendar, go here.

NASRN has an assortment of items for fund raisers. Alex is also featured on an Anatolian holiday card over at the new NASRN (rescue) blog, check it out! :) What a gorgeous headshot!

I'm tempted to scan Alex and put him on my blog too, but that would make it too easy for you. If you really want to have it, get his holiday cards or buy a 2009 calendar! heehee :D

BTW if you have a Myspace profile, and are looking to add friends you can add NASRN as a Myspace friend.

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