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Friday, November 07, 2008

Forget mtDNA, I met Eli on Pixdaus! :)

What a find! I was trying to clear up a mess of bookmarks while looking for a genetics link I thought I lost (found it), and ran into a bookmark which is an RSS feed to Pixdaus. I clicked it and got the photo feed. Too nice a bookmark to delete, but wow, just on the first hit (this is a very active feed so it's like winning a lottery in one hit, lol), I see this photo which the poster at Pixdaus had the grace to add with the name of the photographer included. Yay!

A quick search digs up Gary Minish who has awesome Alaskan photography online and is featured on a Valdez, Alaska site with several slide shows. Searching for info on his dogs, I found a link referring to several dogs (three). Click the pic above to go directly to Pixdaus (the link to Eli), and then click this link to meet Gary's other dogs. He's got two LGDs and one black shepherd type dog. All of them enjoy the awesome alpine scenes which seem to be within Gary's driving distance. He is apparently a supporter of Anatolian rescue as well. What a guy. :)

It's a little difficult to immediately see how to scroll through parts of the album and Gary takes the time to caption many of the photos, it's worth the tour. Once you see enlarged pics, navigate the album from near the top left and you will see a '>' (and also '<' symbols) that will short cut your scroll through the album. About four pages down currently (a guess), you see his big white LGD who is actually clipped for 'the warm weather'! (in that remote alpine pic... you can see snow in the background!). :) Now I loved 'meeting the dogs' but this pic (High Intensity Symmetry) just blows me away! (click) I would just love to have a high res desktop image of it!

Awesome pics! If it weren't for Pixdaus and a missing browser link about a potential logical red herring concerning sequencing of intestinal mitochondrial DNA of a 5,000-year-old mummy named Ă–etzi (an Iceman), I might never have seen Gary's awesome photography! :D

What with all the snow... it reminded me of another Pixdaus picture I found, which unfortunately did not give any photo credit.


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