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Friday, November 21, 2008

Modest Kats and a Follow up on Cooking for Dogs (Golden Bone recipes)

From JokeIndex.com

A follow up on a two year old posting (Nov 2006) -- few months ago (Sept), I got an email from a person that wrote regarding the old blog posting I wrote which featured a widely distributed free collection of recipes, containing over 300 dog/cat treats and meal recipes (a few misc other things). You can still get them here.

In the two year old posting, I had asked if anyone knew anything about what had happened to the collection and its author. No one seemed to know, and then about half a year later, there was that Chinese melamine fiasco and people started to look for alternate foods for their pets while the commercial mess was straightened out (the file got a lot of downloads for a while back when). Well turns out that the original author wrote to me in September and sent this cheery note which follows. She seems to be okay that her efforts are still enjoyed by so many people.
I started the Golden Bone Hall of Honor for Dogs on the Web back in 1996 as part of a grad school project, and the Mastercook file of dog treats was part of that site. How fun to see it referenced online after all this time! I did indeed take it down several years ago. I changed ISPs, and just never got around to putting it online again. I have been interested to see it being sold on Ebay a number of times over the years, though... :)
Your Anatolians are beautiful!
- Keri Cathey

I thought I'd follow up on this matter and link again to that posting because with the holidays coming up, I'm sure a few people might be wanting to make pet treats as gifts too. There are not only doggie cookies in the collection but homemade versions of such things as something called Icy Paws ice cream, special diets like low purine meals, milk substitute for puppies, many Three Dog Bakery treats, recipes to bulk up emaciated dogs, casseroles and liver treats. Just quite a lot of stuff. :)

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