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Friday, November 07, 2008

Surfing add on - Snap Shots

Weather changes sometimes bring me migraines. ugh... I decided to explore Snap Shots and try to figure out how to implement it in different parts of a domain including on this blog. I've admired Snap Shots on some blog pages for the past year or so but never got around to checking it out. I actually installed in this blog template then realized how annoying it got in nothing flat due to all the exploding links... unless I found time to do more tweaks to the blog template. But whoa and YAY... I discovered that some tweaks can be made within the settings of the Snap Shot tool without doing anything else to a page template.

I like the changes so far on my long standing test page, the Anatolian Blogroll page which I occasionally torture with various javascript and dilapidated nonsense. If you're not familiar with Snap Shots, that would be a place to go to see what tweaks I have done with my version of Snap Shots.

So....... what to look for -- See the blogroll page above. If you are not blocking javascript (which this depends on) there will be a little box icon next to a link... you put your cursor over the box and it will give a little popup snapshot of the link to which it is pointed. You can preview the link before you go there. I've also customized it on my test page with a little icon of an Anatolian and the words "Semavi Dogs". (pats self on back) :) Pretty cool if you want to see if a blog was updated before clicking the blog links.

Btw if you like seeing those sort of previews to links, you can install an add-on for most browsers. This little tool will let you customize what you see on your own browser. Go to this page and choose the link for the End Users.


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