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Monday, November 03, 2008

Turkey Takeover

Peeping Tom? (or Alien from Planet X with outstretched neck over 6' high, peering at James)

Today, we had a surprise...

gobble gobble
Turkeys are not small. That is one in front of a 6' gate to the horse pasture.

James was on his way to do some errands -- but once he got out the gate, he was startled by the appearance of a flock of apparently free ranging turkeys (escapees?) strutting up and down our easement, wandering around in the paddock and flying to the top of our ag building and fences. He dashed (well, the best you can using two forearm crutches) in to grab a digital camera and take some shots. It was a wet and dismal day out there so the light wasn't optimal for digital pictures. Nevertheless, he got some nice ones so I'd know he wasn't making this up. ;)

gobble gobble
Pretty birds. On top of a 6' fence.

gobble gobble
On top of the tin roof of our horse shelter/ag building.

He said of the (possibly) ten (or so) birds, there was at least one tom which displayed a lot of white markings on the tail feathers when when he puffed up and strutted in a little show off dance -- but he only did it once, probably to make a statement to James, about who was in charge of the pretty hens.It is hard to make out from the photos which might be the male(s) because no one danced again after James got the camera. The birds seem to be escapees from someone's place. I imagine they must be going nuts about where the birds have gone.

gobble gobble
In the paddock keeping their backs toward James.

They aren't timid enough to be wild turkeys -- although in almost every picture, they make a point to be headed in another direction or as far from the camera as possible. :)

gobble gobble
On a gazebo structure - 6' high.

gobble gobble
Lined up on the ag building.

gobble gobble
On top of a 6' foot metal gate.
The 'peeping tom' in the very first shot (this isn't the same one) was standing on this black, 6 foot tall metal fence and peering over a board fence, into the corral. (it could have been a hen, IDK) This pic was taken by James using the camera like a periscope*!

Anyway, this makes James story easier to believe. :)

I'm glad he kept his distance and didn't mess with them. Turkeys can be pretty formidable if they're in a bad mood.

The turkeys are gone now. Don't know if they will be back.
Why were they here? I suspect they might have gotten wind of an invitation to an upcoming holiday party as featured guests. Really can't blame them if they preparing to migrate. :D

*PS. James is over 6' tall, but he got these and over a dozen other pics (some much fuzzier, birds sometimes not centered) by standing with arms outstretched, the camera over his head -- taking blind shots at them then peering at preview to see if he had the angle right. Not bad, huh? :)


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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // November 07, 2008

I love turkeys! There are wild flocks in N. Illinois and occasionally you see signs like the deer crossing signs except they say "turkey crossing".   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // November 07, 2008

I'd love to have more poultry here. Chickens especially and some day, some peafowl. Chickens can make wonderful pets and the eggs are such miracles. If you putter around in the garden and turn over rocks and such, calling them over to hunt for worms - it becomes great quality time, lol. And you get good fertilizer to compost for your garden.

Don't know about your area. Many people in the cities and crowded suburbs who have a scrap of yard are legally able to have a few hens. Roosters are not as welcome. ;)

Then again, I think you might have to say goodbye to your garden (not going to happen, I know). Chickens like tender greens... You would probably have to make a choice on which organism gets to free range. With Foley, brindled girl of the Greys there, it's at least two against one for the free range birds. :D   

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