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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beach dogs!

Click above pic to enlarge. Credit for these pics go to Susan.
Anatolians at the beach! How blue the sky and the water!
The dogs from left to right: Khazu (6 years), Helmut (2 years) who are both half brothers, and their auntie Dylan (almost 11 years), who is their mother's sister.
The people in the pics are Geno and Dom.

Susan (pic further below) and Geno, both live in different towns down near the beaches in southern California. They had a beautiful Anatolian get-together at the beach. This is the first synchronized beach get together they had with their Anatolians; the first time these dogs met as a trio. These dogs are well socialized and are regular visitors to off leash beaches there.

Many dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds play there. (I wonder how cold that water is at this time of the year?!)
A few of the pics had assorted dogs zipping into the pictures.
Here comes one now!

And look!
WHO can resist this shot (a detail I took from one of several shots.)
Yep, that's him! You know him. That's the guy. That's Dom giving his Anatolian, Helmut, the ol' rabbit ears?
I can't help it, he always makes me laugh out loud! :D
Just look at all the smiles! :)

Here's a great pic of Susan posing with the three related Semavi dogs.
L-R: Helmut, Susan, Khazu, and Dylan.

Susan, thanks so much for bringing the camera along. Thanks to both Geno and Susan for sharing pictures from their day at the beach!

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