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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I ran into this amazing video a couple months ago.

I haven't run into any help files that allow me to stop the autoplay. What an amazing woman. I wish I could hear what she does, but apparently she can't hear what she plays, so much as sense it in other ways.

Got an email yesterday that advised a 'blue plate special' on some casual games at Sandlot. Only $5 a game. Not bad! And there's a pirate themed one called "Pirate Island", apparently a variation on 'match 3' with some pretty interesting graphics. :)

Also ran into a google ad for yet another Pirate-themed massively multiplayer web game called "Dogs at Sea III".
One of my goals this year is to at least try a MMORPG for a few hours. As yet, I haven't found one that has a theme that really appeals to me. Maybe I'm just not MMORPG material, but maybe it is just because I'm not sure what I want to see in such a game. I certainly won't be able to get involved with guilds/alliances and planned battles since I'm often away from the keyboard when things get interesting (speaking from recent experience with simple real time chat services!)

About Dogs of the Seas!
"Dogs of the Seas" is a browser based Massive Multiplayer game.

You start your adventure as an unknown pirate in the heart of the Caribbean. Battle and Trade your way to affluence and standing. Your armed battle ships that sail through the Caribbean shall make you famous and dreaded pirate! Find valuable treasures, or hunt for other dreaded pirates. Take missions from the local agents, and qualify for adventurous smuggler jobs, pursue other smugglers or take part in regular events. Handle and trade with rare goods or produce valuable and powerful ships or cannons. Wild computer pirates and peaceful dealers populate the Caribbean waters along with thousands of fellow pirates. Sink your opponents and plunder their vessels in real-time battles player vs player (PvP) or against the computer generated factions. Trade with alliances or friends on the high seas for valuable possessions. Create an alliance or join another to participate in the political turmoil of the Caribbean.

Lastly, this picture of a vast assortment of fresh lokum (Turkish delight) at an Istanbul market has been driving me nuts. Must go to Eve's Market and pick up a few boxes this week.

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // January 07, 2009

Try Guild Wars, which really doesn't need much financial investment or time, and you don't even have to be in a guild. It is based on fantasy, which means it has a bit of a Lord of the Rings feel to it, though.


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // January 07, 2009

Mark, thanks. I have landed on links or read of some MMORPGs that have something like a week for a free trial. I'll just have to pay attention to more of them.
Guild Wars, hrm...

I was gifted with a subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM, see also 1Up.com) which often features MMORPGs. I need to begin reviewing the publication and site with MMORPGs in mind when other things slow down a bit. EGM's hilarious responses in the "letters to the editor" section are always the first and sometimes the only thing I find time to read! LOL.

Oh, and free peek at EGM can be found at Zinio.com 

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