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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogs, Aortic aneurysm and cartoons

When blogrolling is fixed and running, we have another cool blog to add to the list. I love the current header at this site and it only reminds me I never really settled on what to use for mine. :) See Utah Paw.

Several of the blogs have been getting periodic updates so you have to surf a bit from the list page above to find the updated ones until the rolling starts to happen again. Kirsi cracks me up with her Finnish version of Beach Dogs. There's a nice look at one of latest of Turkish imports at Shepherds Rest.

For others who are survivors of aortic dissection or who have a family member that has been affected, there's a page that I recently added to my bookmarks.

I discovered another place to look for captioned video. See http://dotsub.com/
Now if there were only more hours in the day!

On the about.com deaf forum, I discovered some of the work of a cartoonist seeking syndication and I think he deserves syndication so I'm spreading some of his humor so that more will get to know his work. The artist, Peter McEachen has a site here which has samples of his various inspirations. On the link for cartoons, check out his funny family oriented panels for the strips for which he gives examples. I thought the stay at home dad examples were charming (The Daddy Diaries), but I loved them all. The newest strip he is doing is called Living Impaired. This is where he makes cartoons about deafness and other challenges that I can certainly relate to. Living Impaired is not featured on his site as a composite link yet, but he has been posting them on the deafness forum at about.com.

One of my favorites: (click to make bigger)

To see the rest of Living Impaired as posted on the about.com Deafness and HOH forum, go here and have fun! :)

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