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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crufts 2009 goes online.

Crufts online! The biggest dog show in the world will now have an online presence. I think this is a great step for Crufts! Their website will be the place to visit.
From an announcement:
The live webcast will follow all of the events in the Arena program, from Heelwork to Music and Agility to the Best in Group and Best in Show judging and the ever popular Friends for Life competition that rewards our dog heroes. There will also be a new element to the Arena program where the winners of the We Love Our Dogs competition - which invited all dog owners to send in video clips and photographs of their happy, healthy dogs - will be announced. Peter Purves and Frank Kane will provide commentary for the live web stream, which will be interspersed with features showing the interviews and action from outside the Arena.
This is a great thing for them to do as they in UK (especially recently) are awash with so much anti-animal, anti-purebred dog extremism. I'm finding that the public seems to be too often presented without 'balance' on issues of extreme breeding, puppy mills and attitudes of elitism about purebreds, that more in the way of balance in media is needed to help show the positive side of the world of dogs.

If the only vids, news and tv shows we saw about teenagers, showed only gangsters, druggies, teenage pregnancy, clique snobbishness, risky behavior, vehicle accident deaths, alcohol abuse, suicide and other low-lights of teenage life -- we do (I hope) still have yet enough common sense in the general population -- that any such flooding of bad news about teens doesn't create campaigns, websites, haters, and legislation to destroy ALL teenagers at birth, lol. ;)

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