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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Legal Broadcasting Network - Mandatory Spay and Neuter - 3 interviews

Lately, way too much going on. Thought I get this one posted at least! I have some nice photos from my crew, and also updates from Helmut. :)

For the ongoing stuff... Legislative session continues as we work to prevent Mandatory Spay and Neuter from being implemented statewide.

Head over to LegalBroadcastNetwork.com to see video interview regarding MSN from three champions people who love their dogs.
"The LB Network is the home base for lawyers across America as well as the professional networking page of The Legal Broadcast Network. It’s entirely Free to join and it opens the door to the future of professional networking and media for attorneys."

Dog Regulations Run Amok? The CDOC vs The City of Los Angeles

No area of the law or regulation creates more controversy and passion then anything linked to dogs, cats and other domestic pets and the lawsuit brought by Concerned Dog Owners of California (CDOC) against the City of Los Angeles over their mandatory spay and neuter regulations is no exception. Last year they filed a lawsuit to over turn the mandatory spay and neuter regulations imposed on all dog owners in the City, in which set dates for spay and neuter are established, civil and administrative penalties are outlined and entire categories of dog breeders, owners and hobbyists now fall under increasingly strict laws and oversight...

Interviews are with:
David Frei - Westminster Kennel Club
John Jensen - lead attorney on the lawsuit against the City of California
Cathie Turner - Executive Director of Concerned Dog Owners of California

the videos are also archived here.

For up-to-date info on California animal law lobbying issues for the first half of 2009, go to True Agendas.


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